Program not open after updated

I’m using Windows 10 more than 2 years and no problem in runing the Manager.
I’d updated the Manager new version couple of the months ago but it didn’t work. When I click on the Manager icon, it created a folder in the Windows desktop which contained the file name: 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager instead of create in the default data file location e.g. C:/user/myname/appdata/location.
i’d deleted this folder on the desktop but whenever I click on the Manager icon, it will appear again.
I’d uninstalled the Manager and installed the latest version, however, the same problem still occured! How to sovle this problem?

You have not given much information. But this Guide will help you understand why the file is recreated:

It sounds like you may have changed the location of your application data folder.

make it simple, the scenario was: after installed the Manager new version, I’d click on the Manager shortcut, but just seen the cursor spinning and created a folder which contained a file: 000000000000000000.manager on the desktop and stop eventually. The Manager menu was not open, thus, I cannot change the data location or import backup data file. Is there any way to redirect the program to the default data location e.g. C:/user/my name/appdata/local/manager ?

Do you know what version that was ?
Did you save that version download before launching it ?

What is the full name of the backup data file.

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Thanks for your advise. After I’d uninstalled the “Ad-Aware Web Companion” from Lavasoft in my laptop, now I can activate my new Manager program in Windows 10 !