Why does manager open blank page and go no further

I run manager from the exe file but it only opens a blank page.
Cannot access anything.
Close the page and restart manager and get the message that there is already a version running which I find running in the background in the task manager.
This appears to be intermittent as I have managed to get Manager to work on occasion.
I am running Windows 10
Please help

Why don’t you use the desktop icon ?
You would only use the exe file for the initial (first) creation
I run on Win 10 and never strike a problem.

I have tried to run it from desktop icon – same result

I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing.
Still no luck

Can I suggest that you delete all related program folders and files - not the data files, back these up.
Then Download again and click “Run” rather then double clicking exe file.

If you still have a problem, then there is possibly a conflict somewhere within your computer rather then with Manager

I did a reinstall with my antivirus switched off and its now working.
Don’t know where to find my data files.
So it looks like I’ve lost all the data.

Did you do a backup, if yes, click on Add Business - import backup
Otherwise the standard location is Windows (C:) - Users - (user name) - AppData - Local - Manager

If you click About Manager in the top menu bar, you should see where your application data is stored. This location will be where Manager is currently storing data. If you moved the data from your earlier work at any time, you will have to search for and find it yourself. But as long as you didn’t do that, Manager always stores data in the same default location.