Program won't open

Using windows ten , after an update manager icon went blank and won’t open , when trying top open from file it asks what to open with . ANT SUGESTIONS?

I regularly update Manager using Windows 10 and never have a problem.
The general process is click Download, click Windows
Click Save As and select path and file name (if you require, otherwise click Run.
On the completion of the download, click Run
At the conclusion of the update, ensure that Open Manager is ticked and click Finish.
Manager should open automatically

If that’s not occurring then I suggest that you download an update using the above approach.
I would suggest, that you don’t install by double clicking the .exe file as this can cause Manager to be doubled installed if previously installed.

thanks for replying , i went into install program , ran the repair feature and all is good , no loss of data
had me worried for abit