New installation will not open on my desktop as of today. Any ideas for Windows 10 Pro user?

I disabled Norton, downloaded and installed a fresh copy of manager. However it will not open. No new software has been installed since my last use on February 3rd. i could not open the program to see files because I received notice that it was already open. However no traces existed in the task manager. I try to open the program and it spins but does not open. The task manager shows activity but the program does not show up. Any ideas?

Does this mean that you deleted the previous copy first - or did you just updated an existing ?

Hello Brucanna,

I tried both ways. First I installed the new version into a new folder called manager2.

It eliminated the old version automatically when it installed the new one.

That didn’t work so I uninstalled the program, and then the installed new version again in the default folder.

Its working fine on Win-10 at my laptop. You need to install fresh and updated version of Manager.

You are complicating things by not allowing Manager to follow its natural install flow.

Have you checked that the Application Path under About Manager is pointing to the actual data file location.

Yes. I double clicked the data file and pointed it to the manager program but it wouldnt open.

I am uncertain if you can open Manager that way, if I double click a data file I don’t even get a Manager option and I am running perfectly ok on Win 10.

Your original issue “file already open” is a windows management issue as a file which should have closed didn’t close so there was a conflict the next time it tried to open, rather than being a Manager issue.

So can I suggest the following course of action.

  1. Do an external backup of the Manager data file folder (unless you have relocated) - users/(user name)/appdata/local/Manager.
  2. Via Control Panel - uninstall Manager then delete the programme and data folders
    Programme - users/(user name)/appdata/roaming/Manager.
    Data - users/(user name)/appdata/local/Manager.
  3. Do a complete shut down (not restart) a couple of times to completely flush the memory.
  4. Via Control Panel - Administrative Tools run utilities like Disk Clean up and Defrag which hopefully will close any open files. Even run a registry clean up which may be part of Nortons.

To re-install Manager

  1. Use the Desktop Edition at the top of the Forum Page.
  2. If you are in the habit of saving the download file, then click Save As to your normal location.
  3. Regardless of saving or not click “Run” to install. (Do not double click the .exe file)
  4. Before clicking Finish, make sure the Launch Manager tick box is ticked.