Manager failing to run on window 10 after installing updates

Since from the 03/10/2016 I have been failing to open or run my manager application/software on my windows 10 operating system. When I double on the software icon it opens up a window with a message which says “manager can’t open because it is already running”

Is there anyone who can help with this problem I am experiencing.



What edition? Desktop or server? This problem has been reported and addressed many times. Search the forum for “already running” and see if any of those fixes work for you. Also, be sure your software is up to date. There have been hundreds of updates since March.

I am running Desktop version and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Manager but still its not working.

I have been going through similar problems on the forum but I can’t seem to get it right.

I will appreciate it if you can me give step by step solution to this problem. At the same time I will be trying all I could to find out what could be a problem.

You don’t say if this happened after a Manager update or it just stopped working.
Anyhow, why don’t you do a “System Restore” for a date prior to 03/10/16.
For how to:
then scroll down and click on first sub-heading

Can you show screenshot of the error? I’m sure there is more information in there to point in right direction.

Hoping this screenshot will assist you to come up with a solution on the problem I am currently experiencing. I am giving up and thinking perhaps to reload windows 10 operating system.

Will wait to hear from you. Thanks

The error shows the path from which Manager is trying to load data. And the access to this path has been denied by Windows. Usually it means you are already accessing data but in your case it could mean something else.

Go to that folder to see if you can access it through File Explorer.

I can access the folder were the manager files are saved. See the screenshot of the files in the folder. But I don’t understand the file with lots of zeros sized 1kb.

This is strange because your data should be stored in different folder than is the Manager installation folder.

Default location in your case should be actually:


Can you check that folder instead what’s in it?

I do have manager files as in the roaming\manager

Could that be a problem in this case…I wonder how this has happened. In the meantime I would delete those files in Local\Manager folder and see what would happen. I will also try to uninstall and reinstall afresh as I have been doing severally.

Actually no, my bad. Local folder would contain data and Roaming folder would contain installation files.

But it doesn’t look like you have any data. Is this your first time starting Manager? Did you create any business in Manager before on this computer?

Yes, I have been using manager since last year. I have a backup file with all my data from since I started using Manager.

since this problem started security updates for Microsoft office could not update too. Could that be the cause of this problem or not?

Could you upgrade to the latest version (16.11.84)? The error message should say something else now. It could give better idea what’s wrong.

Did you have luck fixing problem

Yes I did come alright. But I have to reinstall my Windows afresh and thereafter install manager. I was able to use my backup files and get all my data as it was before the problem

Can anyone help me fix “already runnnig” my software is up to date.

Try this

Go to Control Panel - Program & Features and see how many times Manager is listed.

If only one, then via Control Panel uninstall Manager, then go to the Manager programme file location - users/(user name)/appdata/roaming - and make sure the folder is empty, in fact you could delete the folder. Shut down, wait a few minutes and start (not just a restart) the computer and start download as a clean (new) install.

The Manager data files location (unless you have relocated) - users/(user name)/appdata/local - should be unaffected by the uninstall - however either do backups (if you can) or copy the Manager data files folder on to storage device as additional protection.

PS: if you need to copy the Manager data files back, only copy files that are missing from the data folder.

Tried that ,still same problem,any other ideas.

Then the problem is not with Manager.

Do you have any System Restore Points dated prior to the problems starting which you could do a Restore from. Otherwise, as mentioned above, reinstall windows.

If available, download on to a different computer