New to manager downloaded but icon won't run

Hi there i have been trying all evening to get the manager account software to work on my windows 10 laptop, without success. I have downloaded deleted and re installed shut down and restarted my laptop to no avail. the icon appears on my desktop for manager but once i click it it shows cpu usage for a few seconds then nothing happens.

i have been on the forum and read multiple topics regarding issues with windows 10 and it is implying it could be a issue with conflicting user administrative problems,

but i have yet to find a solution on any of these previous topics that solves my issue,

could anyone shed some light on this

kind regards

Try to install server edition using this guide:

And see if you can get server edition running. This could reveal where exactly is the issue.

before i try downloading new software for my windows laptop,

it looks as though i am running on .Net 4.6 advanced series,

and the laptop is less than a year old so should be well up to date,

also i am unsure as to why i need to try download the server edition when its only the desktop package i am having problems with

king regards again,

sorry to be a pain but software is definatly not my strong suit

The reason why I want you to try to install server edition is because it could give an indication why desktop edition doesn’t work.

Same symptom?

it does sound very similar to me yes, think i read your topic yesterday, take it you have yet to solve your issue aswell

yup not solve yet but a remedy for continuity.

Please do what lubos ask you to do for diagnosing the problem.

followed the instructions to download server edition got the file un zipped and tryed to open the file and this is all i keep getting

am i doing something wrong?

If you are downloading server edition, you need to extract all files to some folder (as per the tutorial). What you did was to launch ManagerServer.exe directly from ZIP archive which will not work.

@rsturbolad, since the purpose for asking you to install the server edition was to see what went wrong, your attempt to launch ManagerServer.exe directly suggests you might have tried to do the same thing with the desktop edition, rather than installing it correctly first.

hi there i have had another go at launching the server edition and i think i had done it correctly but still get stuck at this point, please can someone look at this and see if i have done it correctly or not?

@rsturbolad, this error occurs if you have on Windows installed some program which is using incompatible Windows API. It’s usually some out-of-date antivirus, anti-spyware program, VPN or similar.

There is a lengthy topic on this issue. It contains names of several programs which are known to cause the problems. You will need to either uninstall those programs from your computer or obtain the latest versions of those programs which are fixing the issue.

hi lubos,

after reading the topic you sent me above i would like to thank you for all your help and perseverance with me.

after looking at the topic the common software issue looked to be the lavasoft web software

after a bit of searching i found this program on my laptop and am pleased to report once removed manger now starts straight away

i look forward to getting to grips with the software as have been strongly reccomemded to use it

regards tommy