Product Order with Multiplier or Total Output or Production Unit

is this possible to add

  1. Total Production Unit or Total Output at Production Order
    it will be very useful for user

Qty at Finished Items and BOM will become Template
System can increase Finished Items Qty x Total Output
System can deduct BOM Qty x Total Outpt

M1 becomes +10
05203 becomes -40
10188 becomes -40
11230 becomes -10

I would like to request this features because we had around 700 BOM for each production
It will save time for user and prevent errors

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt if you make a quick search you will see that this has been discussed very frequently, Production Orders - Enhancements in the ideas is one of the oldest topic, “the template” or as has been referred previously in forum “the recipe” has been asked from many users but until now, nothing
we are all looking forward for @lubos to implement such a feature

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