Production order suggestion

To produce 1 carton finished item of “BIT 120” product i need these bill of materials:
10 - “B-120ML BW BTLES” (10 BOTTLES)
10- “C - YELLOW CAPS” (10 CAPS)
1 - " C- 120ML B.W CTNS" (1 CARTON)

Below is the production order where we want to produce 10 cartons of “BIT 120” product.
100 - “B-120ML BW BTLES” (100 BOTTLES)
100- “C - YELLOW CAPS” (100 CAPS)
10 - " C- 120ML B.W CTNS" (10 CARTON)

here we need to manually calculate by multiplying with 10.

WHY cant we have something like this , where i can mention Total finished item and it can mutliply the Bill of materials all by itself


A Bill of Materials feature as you have outlined has been discussed many times in the forums and there have been indications that it will be added, but when - is unknown.

thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

isnt it simple if we have production kit option in settings same as inventory kits?


Production kit option ='s Bill of Materials.
However, with Inventory Kits the kit becomes an Inventory listed Item whereas with the Bill of Materials, it’s just a listing of inputs and that doesn’t become an inventory item.

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That idea is so great. Finished product should automatically change Bill of materials. We have to daily spend hours every day to manually re-calculate the Bill of Materials on hundreds of orders every month. Time is money and we are loosing time a lot.


Are you using the Clone feature ?
If yes, why not create a standard size production order and then use multiples thereof.
If a standard size is 5 and the order is for 15, process the production order 3 times.

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No. The clone will give the wrong figures. A unit to make consist of 82
parts. Always the same 82 parts.
Today we have to make units for 25 clients. Client one 28 units X 82.
Client two 166 X 82. Client three 250 X 82. and so on for 25 clients. Day
before it were for 37 clients all with different amount of units and same
amount of parts. Every day it is different amounts of units. Now we have to
daily manually work this out. Computerised bookkeeping should make it
easier and faster and more accurate and not harder and prone to human
errors. Maybe for Tut it might be easy or maybe a lot of work to
accommodate this don’t know. For us this is the only option we still need
in Manager. It is a excellent program.

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For @Tut this is no work at all. I’m not the developer. I’m a forum moderator. :wink:

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Do you have to match the production order to the clients order ?

Alternatively, instead of doing the Production Order per Client, do the production order per the finished goods and then sell the quantity of finished goods to the client.

Using your figures: Client 1 - 28, Client 2 - 166, Client 3 - 250, so a total of 444.
Set up a production order for quantity of 50 and clone 9 times to give finished goods Inventory Item of 450.
Then invoice each client from the Inventory Item, leaving a balance of 6 for the next client.

Or, if you have to match the production order to the clients order then as the orders arrive keep cloning standard sized production orders which could be 1,5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 sized units. E.g. - for Client 2’s 166 order do a cloning of a 100, 50 10, 5, 1 production orders.

Thanks Brucanna, Good idea.
Thanks You

This is a good option for now in this case.
but in Manufacturing company the daily production varies. Ex: day 1 it might be 2545 finished products. Day 2 it might be 2675 finished products.
we need always multiply Number of finished goods and Bill of materials manually in our case.

If you have to match the production order to the daily manufacturing then establish standard sized production orders which could be 2500, 100, 70, 50, 40 5 units.

At the end of Day 1 - clone production orders for 2500, 40, 5 = 2545
At the end of Day 2 - clone production orders for 2500, 100, 70, 5 = 2675

Then you don’t have to do BOM manually

Remember, what is being discussed in the last few posts is a workaround. I think everyone realizes the long-term solution will be to have bills of material so the production quantity can be entered and calculations will be automatic.

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Yes, That’s absolutely Right, And If Manager can provide Solution like “Inventory Kit” or “Production Kit” to manage “Production Order”. Where one or multiple items as finished goods. and bellow its row material listing with quantity consumption as now in Production Order.
@raj_nann provide probable screen display solution in his 1st post in this topic.