Production Orders - Enhancements

That is what this idea is about. See item A in the first post of this topic.

Thanks Tut

What you can do as a workaround is create a series of default production orders and clone them.
So for Winglets 9 you could have production orders for 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 & 1.
Then for your order of 333 you would clone 200, 100, 25, 10 or 5 + 1 x 3.
This way you aren’t having to continually complete new production orders.

Be aware that if you enter the standard quantity production orders mentioned above, they will have financial impact and affect your quantities. So you should not create them just to have them handy. You should create them as you need them, then clone them for future similar needs.

Thanks a lot for the info.It would help some way until Lubos can rectify this.

2 years into the ideas thread, is this idea even being considered anymore ?

Hopefully, but it seems that improving efficiencies for existing processes comes a very distance second to new features, this is not to say that the new features aren’t valid.

batch create production orders did help in fact, and i understand that in general the ones that need production order feature are less that the ones that doesnt even use the feature by a margin but still… 2 years and endless threads of suggestions about this
even with the new vote option this is the most voted one

@lubos can the selection of Inventory location for items individual items in a production order implemented sooner?
something like below example.

the use case is we have different storage areas within the factory and items are received at these storage areas (inventory locations). when we make a production order, at present the selection of Inventory location will designate the same to the finished good alone. since the inventory quantity by location would show incorrect values, we have to make inventory transfers of items included in the BOM. its a tedious task transferring inventory one at a time when there are approx 80 items from 4 different locations just for a single production order.

the above suggested method would eliminate the need to have separate Inventory transfers for items included in Production Orders.


Is manager going to improve production order any time soon.

BUMPing this thread alive, hoping to b implemented, its useful and help in efficiency with following up… thanks in advance

@sharpdrivetek Even though I agree the location of a bill of material or input must be shown to record where the production inputs were consumed from, I do believe that for proper records keeping and internal control sake all materials which are going to be used in a production must be properly transferred to the factory location first before production begins (Location restrictions maybe added in the future, this feature will hide locations a user is not authorised to use in data entry), besides, pulling resources from different locations on paper is not really a good thing. They must all be assembled together in one location and then released into production.

@Abeiku i understand what you mean. but my suggestion was to improve the ease of use and reduce the transaction recording steps involved. having the option to choose the inventory location individually for all items in a production order is just an additional feature to the existing inventory transfer. my suggestion was not to replace it but just a shortcut (just like we can make a receipt from the sales invoice and also in the receipts tab).

users who need such a record can still make inventory transfers and then set the production location as a default under Form Defaults for production orders. this will also cater the needs of business which have location restrictions to users.

I disagree with you on this, @Abeiku. I have produced many goods in the past for which all input goods never come together at a single location. The simplest example involves packaging materials that are part of the bill of materials. Various piece parts are pulled from bins at a manufacturing location. A completed assembly, which is not tracked as a finished good in its own right, is passed to another location, where packaging materials inventoried at a separate location are pulled from stock, the item is packaged, and the finished good is inventoried at the second location. In other words, input items A + B + C + D = E, where E is the intermediate assembly that does not exist as an inventory item. Then E + F = G, where F is a box and G is the only finished good.

You have a point guys

we would like to know when will manager implement that enhancements?

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt you have been a user and member of the forum for over a year to understand that no ETA is ever provided for any ideas. this is because bugs have priority over ideas. there is no point in providing new features when already available features are not working as they are intended to. every bug fix extends the ETA of a new feature. so there is no point in providing an ETA.
rest assured that a feature is in the roadmap if it is categorized as an idea.

I think that is an overly optimistic viewpoint. The announced purpose of the category is discussion about ideas. There are currently 171. I doubt all will eventually appear in the program.

once you choose hope, anything is possible. have hope @Tut :slightly_smiling_face:

@Tut @sharpdrivetek is there any chance to get this enhancement or not. because its making too much to create a production order. inform about it therefore we quit or move towards more better option. its not easy to change the software in running organization but we can. also tell me if you offer this enhancements only for me how much i need to pay?