Production order - another suggestion

there are a lot of posts about production orders enchantment but nothing is made real yet

in this post Production Orders - Enhancements @Brucanna suggested nearly ideal way but it seems there are some difficulties to implement it as nothing was done yet

@lubos i am not a programmer but i thought, about a middle ground what can we add without too much hassle

below are screenshots illustrating my idea, if i am not mistaken this will be simple to integrate,
you dont have to add new tables in db,
no new modules you can use existing ones just autofill boxes (like you do will price in the invoices for example)

if is doable without too much hassle please do it because adding production order one by one is one hell of a job and a very boring one

@Tut if you agree with this temporary solution please add it to ideas

@Genti_Ge, I see this as one possible implementation of the idea already expressed. So I am not going to add to the already overloaded list of 116 ideas. I have no idea if this approach is easy or hard, but I do note it would require some extensive integration between the Production Orders and Inventory Items tabs.

I don’t really understand what problem you are trying to solve? Being able to have multiple finished items per production order?

@lubos - multiple item for production order is a bonus
we can insert and have together in one view one of the options below

  • production for the day
  • production per machinery
    -production for employer

2- having bill of materials autofilled (not having to manually imput it every time)is a huge advantage because it will be auto calculated and will speed a lot the workflow

also i think having bill of material in the item will help in the future - when you decide to enhance production order without having to add a new tab for bill of materials