Why my accounts are appearing in different language?

I’m working with english language. But sometimes my employees change it to spanish.
They once were in english but now they are in spanish (The accounts name). When I change to english languaje on preferences, everything translates but not the names of the accounts. Why is this happening?

You have not given enough information to answer your question. Basically, though, to understand Manager’s behavior when language preferences are changed, you must know that translation is not a live process. There is a lookup table for built-in terms. If an account name is a default name, like Accounts receivable, it will translate back and forth. But any account name you assign yourself will not translate, because it is not in the lookup table.

Account names entered or edited in English will remain in English, no matter what preference is chosen. Account names entered or edited in Spanish will remain in Spanish.

The strange thing here, is that I haven’t change any account name. I have different business added in manager and I have this problem in just one business. The others are translating well.
I went to chart of accounts and took a screenshot to show you that maybe something is wrong:

I have English Language selected. (You can know this because in the top is in english).
But as you can see, some of the accounts are in spanish and I haven’t change them.
Even the subtitles (Income and Lees:Expenses) keep staying in spanish. All the accounts that are in the section “Less: Expenses” I haven’t modify any of them. This something like spanglish language haha.

I have no problem modifying the names at all but, don’t you think this can be an error?

You have pointed out another behavior that I did not mention. The ordinary income and expense accounts that appear by default act like accounts you created yourself. So do group names on the profit and loss statement. Can you post screen shots of the Less: Gastos group and Donaciones account Edit screens? I predict they are in Spanish.

I am not certain of this, but it is possible those default, placeholder accounts are included in the translation table. So any business added while the language preference is set to Spanish will have those accounts translated when they are first created. But subsequently, they are not translated back, because they are not automatic or control accounts. Notice that Inventory - cost, an automatic account, was translated. If you had the language preference set to English when this business was created, those accounts would have started and remained in English, even after you switched to Spanish.

Sure, let me show you those edit screens you’re asking me:

Here is the “Less:Gastos” (Expeses) Screenshot:

And now here is the “Donaciones” Edit Screen:

I get it. It would be nice if this can also translate one day. There are just a few accounts. I don’t think it could be a great deal to handle this accounts to be translated as your language set up. But as I mentioned, it is not a problem for me to change them to english. Or maybe I could just delete them and add my own custom accounts :wink:

I don’t recommend deleting anything. For businesses you already have, you can edit the account names to the language you are operating in. If you plan to switch back and forth, put both into the name. For example, Donaciones | Donations. You would only have to do this for accounts that are not automatic or control accounts, because those will translate back and forth.

If you are going to operate a business in English, set the preference to English before you Add Business. If you are going to operate in Spanish, set it to Spanish before you Add Business.

This is a better idea than deleting the accounts.

Very well. Thanks for the tip.

Thank you @Tut