Language & Import settings in updated Server version 17.4.87

It is so glad to have the latest server version with perfect user permission support.

It would be appreciated if anyone could help to figure out the new location to set language and import different data file.

Great thanks.

To set the language, just click on the language where ever you see it -

To import different data file, just click on open on the home page

Are you using the latest server version?

As the version 17.4.87 I have updated, once I imported the main data file, the login/homepage has no longer business select page, but go directly thru login page, hence there is no more preference and business import option.

Pls help, thanks.

Can you post a screenshot of the - “but go directly thru login page” - please

Once I have imported a default data backup, the homepage remains the login page. There is no more option to change business/language/preference.

@xoojulian, you are adjusting like desktop users did some while ago. Read this Guide:

Also, read the How To Guides. Everything that used to be on the top menu bar or in Preferences is now under Settings.

What happens if you do login ?

PS - I’m not a server user

You have to log in first. When you imported your main business, it contained some users, so you just need to log in as one of those users.

I do login perfectly, and all multi user functions work fine. @lubos @Tut Only problem is that I cannot find preference anymore.

As shown on the screenshot, if I click on the to exit the business, it quits directly to the login window. In the previous version, it will guide user to the business selection page with preference menu on the top.

@lubos How can we choose a different business in this version?

Preferences are now stored in the business itself. To change date or number format, go to Settings tab. To change language, check the bottom-right corner

You haven’t read the Guides I linked to. They answer the questions you are asking.

@Tut I do read carefully the guide you sent, but eventually, I cannot find the New/Open button in the new version.

@lubos Hi lubos, I cannot find anything on the bottom-right corner you have mentioned. Sorry…

Multi-business aspect of server edition has been phased out. I’m in the process of writing an article to give some more context why this is the case.

To run multiple businesses, you will need to launch multiple instances of the server. One for each business.

You might need to scroll down

Actually I just noticed the language link wasn’t visible in server edition. Added to the latest version (17.4.88). Then it will be visible as per @Brucanna screenshot