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@chrissaxak, what you ask for is a totally different request. @Meester asked for different users to be able to use different languages. You are asking for a change based on where a customer or supplier is. For this, you can switch back and forth in the language preference. In either case, however, the preference is universal at the present time and affects everything until you change it again.

Dear @lubos / @Tut

Please look into this.

There is really a necessity for this feature!

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They are not interesting in this subject, I don’t know why?

I imagine because it would not be that easy to implement and other enhancements have a higher priority.

Dear @Joe91

Did you look at the screen post that @uisjob1 have done on 15 March 2018.

Looking at that screen, it change is relatively small (a change to the log-in screen).

if it was that simple, even the users could have made a software of their own.
the language selection affects many parts of the program and not the simple login screen alone.

the developer of the program has to fix the occasional bugs and also priority feature additions depending on the requirements by law of every country.
so have patience and wait for changes to be implemented.

Here is the thing. You have program and you have data.

Data is in one language. Every invoice, bank transaction, your chart of accounts etc. is in single language. The program which is working with data should be in the same language too.

If you have different users interacting with the program in different languages, what happens to data? They will not be magically translated. Now users will see user interface in language A and data still in language B. How is this useful if not outright confusing?

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Dear @lubos

I understand your point regarding the data and the program. Most programs (e.g. NolaPro and TurboCash - which is both opensource), allow the use of different languages for different users/customers/suppliers, BUT that only applies to the program and documents (not the translation of data - stock items, general ledger acc, etc.).

Thus if you have in mind to be able to translate the Program and Data simultaneously, it can be great, but is not required for now.

Currently I set-up the General Ledger Acc. Descriptions and Stock Items/Descriptions in 2 languages), therefore I only need the option of being able to allow different users using the language of their choice! I separate the different languages with a “|” character.

For future purposes it will be great if translation will be done automatically for the program and data simultaneously. I assume that MANAGER.IO will be taking the Lead in this regard… A Leader in its own right - a first with this functionality!

OK, maybe the first step could be allowing language per user and then see what can be done about the data. My point is that you all understand implications which it seems you do.

Dear @lubos

Thank you so much! It will be great to have the ablilty that different users have the option to choose a language of their choice.

Dear @lubos

Can this be added to Ideas?

It has already been in the Ideas category for several weeks.

awaiting to have this option. i suggested the “language option” to be in the top menu at user level instead of in administrator level.

The problem with that is that on the desktop edition there are no users.

Oh, by default the desktop user is at administrator level. so the user can switch to his preference any time. - No problem here.
This language change option at user level is only required for the server and cloud users. i use the server version.

Dear @lubos

Sir, Any Updates ?

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It turns out there is a performance issue with having each user having their own language in the system. I will need to rewrite some aspect of Manager to facilitate for this. So this is something that can still take a few months. Sorry about that.

Hi @lubos

Any update on this ?

The latest version (19.7.0) is removing Language option from global Preferences tab and moving it to the footer of each page.

This means every user can now set the language in which they want to view the system.

The reason why language switch is in the footer of every page is so the language can be changed on all the screens, including screens where user is unknown (e.g. login screen).

This has added side-effect of being able to quickly switch between languages. For example, you might have customers who prefer invoice in English or some who prefer invoice in another language. You can change the language directly on invoice screen.

By default, you will see in the footer something like this.


If your web-browser is configured to accept other languages, you will see those options visible by default. For example, if web-browser is configured to accept English, Vietnamese and Arabic, you will see this by default:


You can also click on + button to reveal all languages:


To change the language, simply click on the name of language.


@lubos this is really a great option in the manager. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: