Setting for Language per Businees

I have searched the forum extensively and although there was a request for language per user, I understand that would be cumbersome, but setting a language per business would really be helpful. We have businesses operating in different languages. We set them up as suggested by the Guidance and in the forum by @Tuth in their original language. However, when selecting another business you have to keep changing the languages between them. A workaround has been so far to create restricted users but I wonder if it would be difficult to implement a Business Setting as this would be really much better.

Currently, language is set per user. It’s a feature request which I agreed with because different users can have different preference for the language they operate in. But language per business? I do not see value… is it because you are emailing invoices and want to make sure invoices are in certain language? Or what is really the motivation behind this?

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I support young entrepeneurs in different countries that speak different languages and have different types of businesses. When one gets setup in Manager we first change it to the language in use as they fully operate in that different language and are formally registered and pay taxes in that country. We only use one instance. As mentioned the way it works now is to setup restricted users and when they logon they use their language. However if we want to look what is going on we have to change the language every time we open the business. It is actually a surprise how good Manager can function in different countries, but as mentioned it would be great if businesses could in settings be assigned a language so that when selecting it it will operate fully in that language. Indeed, I am multi-lingual :wink:

But you don’t have to. The only time it matters what language you have is when creating new business as it will create bunch of income and expense accounts.

Language choice will have no impact on opening existing business. In fact if you are used to Manager in language A, then just use language A even if bookkeeping in some business is done in language B.

Maybe I am confused, please see below screenshots:

Test Business setup in Spanish:

Now changed language to English:

The Balace sheet group names have translated to English. Vice versa it works better, so guess get confused by the translation to English. Undestand better what you indicate, but hope you understand our confusion,

@eko, you need to read the first paragraph in the first Note in the Guide: Set language | Manager.

@Tut I had done that and this sparked the question. I realize it works like that but the question is why can it not be a setting per business rather than per user.

Because that would negate the flexibility added when language preference was changed from a global preference to an individual one.

Can you explain how that would negate the flexibility, thanks.

@eko, it’s just extra option that has to be put somewhere. But most importantly now, there are two places where language can be set. These kind of feature requests when implemented have potential to become never-ending rabbit hole. For example, it would be only a matter of time when someone says… yes - I want my business to be in English but when viewing certain customers, I want the program to switch to German. I mean where do you draw the line? And there are many features which can become never-ending rabbit hole.

There are accounting systems where merely creating simple general ledger account has 50 fields on the form. This is what happens when you don’t draw the line.

So, I understand the feature request, it can be implemented but it does cross the line if I have to add new form field somewhere. Maybe language choice can be set as parameter in URL (rather than cookie as it is now), that way you could bookmark businesses in your web-browser and clicking on the bookmark would automatically set the language.

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@lubos thank you for acknowledging that there is value in this. I understand as with many feature requests that one has to be careful not to open yet more and more. I thought it to be relatively straightforward to implement a setting but you of course will know better how things are coded and probably as there are at the moment still many improvements you are working on is not a priority or too messy to implement without breaking something else.