Phantom item entries from Form Defaults on sales invoice view screen

Field content in the Column - Description field of sales invoice form defaults is showing up on View screens of sales invoices despite that option not being selected. The problem is illustrated below. Here is the Edit screen for a sales invoice. Note that Column - Description is not checked:

Yet here is the resulting View screen:

The source of the Description is revealed when looking at sales invoice form defaults. The option is not checked and the default invoice shows no Description column:

But if the option is checked on the Form Defaults form, content in the field is revealed:

And that content incorrectly was displayed on the completed form, despite neither the default or specific invoice form including a description.

I noticed that too a while back. If there is text present in the description field, you first need to manually delete it completely before deselecting the Column - Description option if you don’t want to show the description field.

Is this by design?

In the past all fields were always shown.
More recently some unused fields were hidden with a check box to display the empty field if required.

This approach assumes the newly created check box defaults to off for old records. So different behaviour may cause difficulty with old records or inadvertently hiding data.

I don’t believe it is by design. If the form default’s checkbox is not checked, there should be no column for the description unless added on the Edit screen. And indeed, the Edit form shows neither a checked box nor any content. Yet the View screen reaches down to the hidden field content and displays it on the completed transaction in a column the user cannot control without finding the hidden data in the inactive field.

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Fixed in the latest version (22.10.24)