Item description disappeared from invoices and amendment is not allowed


Suddenly, the items description disappeared from sales invoices, it still showing in other documents (such as delivery notes), but not any more in sales invoices.

for the short term, this can be worked around by checking the checkbox of “Column — Description”, but the problem is that all our old invoices now are not showing items descriptions.

We cannot edit the old invoices in any way to activate the checkbox of “Column — Description” as that will be recorded as an amendment to the invoice at the History Log, and that is not allowed in KSA by ZACTA.

how could this be solved? and why manager changed the invoices setting this way?!

In ICT there is never something like sudden disappearance. You either use a newer version of the application or you do something different than before.

This is result of fixing issue in this topic

How is checking Column - Description box in breach of some tax authority rules? In Manager, you can have custom fields attached to invoice that are not even visible on invoice. And sometime you need to update these custom fields after invoice is issued. You are not amending any information that is reported to ZACTA so you are safe.

If I edited the invoice and checked the Column - Description, there will be a record in the history says that I have done that, even if “checked Column - Description” is not a change in the transaction data Itself and it make no sense to afraid of it, The problem is that by having this procedure records in the history will prove that there are amendments to the invoices done from time to time, and the mere possibility of the amendment will result an interrogation position, and believe me, you do not want to find yourself in a situation like this.

I think that these options should not be enabled or disabled from within the invoice or in a way that requires updating the invoices data, and that old invoices should not be subject to the system updates, it should remain as its original status.

You either use a newer version of the application

You can replace “sudden disappearance” with sudden “newer version of the application” !

I too totally agree with this…

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So, no solution for the old invoices?