Description has disappeared from the sales invoice screen

The description has disappeared from the sales invoice screen or have I done something wrong?

Manager version?

21.4.37 desk top

Check the box to see line item descriptions. And search the forum before posting. This has been discussed about half a dozen times in the past two days.

My check box is ticked and I did search the forum and because my checkbox is ticked I could not find an answer

The screenshot shows Description column. Can you show screenshot where you expect description to be and it’s not there?

Post a screen shot of an Edit screen for one of these invoices.

something is going on as it keeps saving or trying to reload my reply’s all the time

There are a few older ones that have gone like that 2 since I updated .
also every time I do a reply it keeps asking me to reload or edit the reply or save as draft in the middle of typing my reply

Right I am not on the latest one so will down load the V21.4.41 and see if that makes a difference

no no difference

so some have come through and some haven’t

Yes the invoice list is only showing the transaction description.

I think that in the past this column defaulted to the first line description if there was no transaction description

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so are you saying I need to fill out the first description box? Yes it did automatically default to the first line item. So now I know I was wondering if I had not done something right
@lubos and @Tut I think I have found my answer I need to now fill in the first description box.
Thanks for taking the time to understand my problem :blush:

not feeling the new invoice laybout page in 21.4.74, over complicated it as before it was nice and simple to use.

If you want the line description field to appear on each new invoice go to settings → Form defaults and tick (check) the Line description box.

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by selecting “Line description” you’ll get what you want as previous version(I hope).

if you want it permanently on your Sales Invoices then follow @AJD 's instruction

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