Summary - Inventory Sales - Description Column Data change

Desktop Version 22.10.27 / 22.10.31 on Win10

In Summary Tab - Inventory Sales, Data displayed in Description Column change with option Column - Description checked or unchecked in Invoice Edit Screen:

If Column - Description is checked:

Summary tab shows Item description in description column

If Column - Description is unchecked in Invoice Edit Screen

Summary tab shows Invoice Description entry in description column

It is the same behaviour for Summary - GST payable Screen

In Sales Invoice Tab, Description Column always shows Invoice Description Entry,
regardless of whether Column - Description is checked or unchecked

can someone get some light into this ?

This is how it should work. If you do not have Column - Description checked then it doesn’t matter what is in those line description fields. It’s ignored. The question is why is this a problem, or what do you expect Manager to show instead?

If Column - Description is not checked, then I would expect the field in description column to be empty.
but it picks and shows information entered in the invoice description field instead.

maybe there is a problem with 2 fields labeled " description ".

But isn’t it better to show description for the entire transaction rather than nothing at all?

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It might be confusing if you get global information entered in the invoice description field where you would expect item description normally ( if checked and available )

That’s the crux of it. But I’m intrigued to know what is it you find useful about keeping the description field blank?

@lubos , @Ealfardan thank you for clarification
I think I got it. In Summary Tab drill downs, description column is not limited to Line Descriptions / Item Descriptions.