Cloud version - sales invoice missing Description column per item entry

There is a column for items, a column for Account, a column for Quantity, a column for unit price, but no column for item description.

Surely this is a bug?

Click on line description it will then appear. see also Description has disappeared from the sales invoice screen - #15 by carrot3434

@lubos, were you not making the description column show “as default” I thought one of your comments suggested this?

That was only for invoices created for billable time. See Generating new invoice from billable time needs to show line description.

Thanks @Tut.

I would have thought it would have made sense to have the description field show as default across all forms otherwise a lot of users are going to be reporting this change from previous layout. Then if the user finds the form is too wide or too many columns they can click the box to hide the description field.

The old way, users often complained about inadequate screen space. The new way, they complain about the field being missing. If the default was to show the field, you would still need a checkbox to suppress it, which could be ticked in Form Defaults. And then people would forget and complain they could not get it back. You cannot please everyone.

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We will see which gets more complaints when more users update their software. Although solution is easy users will all need guiding to it…



Didn’t see the Line Description being turned into an option.