Pdf File is not open on my client Side

when i sent email is successfull send but pdf format is not open its given error please guide

What error?
What version of Manager?
What version of OS?

file corrupt and latest version of Manager installed tomorrow latest version

Can you please screenshot the about manager page to show the version.

What pdf reader are you using?

Just to confirm, you can email the invoice? and the received pdf won’t open?

What happens when you click on the PDF button?

Can you open that pdf ok?
Can you open the emailed pdf on another computer?

i have sent email like this its auto generate pdf file

but pdf file on client side not open properly its give error

please sought out solution

It’s a bit hard to offer assistance if you won’t answer my questions.

i have emailed quote and invoice to our clients its show same problem

but when i click on pdf its file open , also in my computer all file is open but client end its show file error ,there is no issue in my side all invoice and quote file open and create pdf normally, but client end its given error

Ok, so if you email the invoice to yourself, you can open it fine, but your client cannot open it.

If your client emails it back to you, can you open it then?

yes its open on my system but a lot of client say that My pdf file is not open on their systems

Ok, the reason I am asking if you can open an email that has been sent back to you FROM a client is to establish whether the pdf is getting corrupted in the email process some how.

I.e. Get a client to send you back a PDF that they cannot open.
If you cannot open it, then it is most likely getting corrupted during the email process.
I would suggest trying a different email server. Are you using SMTP Server? Try not using it. Try a different SMTP Server?

If you can open it, then it is hinting at something in the pdf formation that is ok on your machine (the creating machine, but not on others) such as compatibility issue.

You say a lot of clients cannot open the pdfs, implying that many/most can??
What pdf reader would those clients have? I.e. do they need to update their reader software?
What OS do those clients have? I.e. do they all have Mac OS?

If you save the invoice as PDF using the button and then email it to your clients using your normal email program, can they open the file then?

I know it’s a bit random, but manager has been updated quite a few times since you last updated.

Can you try updating manager again to 16.12.23 or higher, and trying again.

Did your client was able to download the pdf file? Is the pdf file okay with your pdf reader? If so then you can advice your client to try with a different pdf reader like your one. And sometime both sides are okay then probably the problem is the email server. You can try different email server.

I had a client using XP that demonstrated the symptom you describe. They could open some PDFs but not those sent from Manager. All we did was get the client to install the latest Adobe Reader available for XP and in their case the issue was solved.

i update my Software manager but still facing same problem . when i email pdf file not opening on client side . please help

@mastertrading, three people have asked questions and made suggestions trying to help you. You have not answered the questions. Others are trying to determine whether this is a problem in Manager or with your clients’ PDF readers. You have not given them the information they need. You keep saying you can see an invoice but your clients cannot. They already know that. But it sounds like you are viewing the invoices from within Manager, not by emailing PDFs out and back and opening the PDFs.

People on this forum are very helpful, but you must do your part.

yes he can download file , yes pdf is ok with my reader . and we are new in market to sell products and services , So its not suitable to say every new client to use my wishing pdf software .
different email server mean ???

i appreciate and satisfied from your services, your response is much faster , even paid products not give quick response like you .

emailing pdf invoice is ok on side me if he return back email to me its also ok
than but not open on client system its give file damage error

If you can generate a PDF and open it on your computer (with a PDF reader that has no connection with Manager), email it to a customer, get it back from the customer and view it again with your PDF reader, there is nothing wrong with Manager, your computer, or your email system. The problem has to be on your customer’s end.

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I thought the same way. Problem is not from his end. @mastertrading You can cordially request your client to try with different reader. And you can try to download the pdf file from a different computer to check whether the file is okay with other computer.