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I just downloaded the latest manager.io for debian
I just can’t work out why some customers are sending me email saying they can’t open the PDF document.
So I sent myself a test Invoice to my email account and I received the test invoice and I could clearly see the Invoice info like Invoice date, Due Date, Invoice Number and total with a button that say’s “view” I clicked on view and I can see the PDF invoice.
Q: Why can’t some customers see this?
For the past 12 Months I’ve been going to Print to file then sending them the PDF Attachment. and that’s the only way for these customers to be able to see the invoice.
If there’s anything I can try as a work-around apart from the way I have been doing this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oh! I got to say that this latest version looks absolutely beautiful. Well done boys and Girls. I’ve been a huge Manager.Io fan for many years. Thank you again.

I am working with my client to try and get to the bottom of this.

On the bottom of the email: Get Outlook for iOS
So it has something to do with this!

The pdf produced by the internal manager pdf generator is incompatible with some pdf viewers.

If you do not enable
Settings → obsolete features → pdf generator

The internal email facility is not functional in the desktop version (as the email contains a link to your Manager “server”)

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Thanks Patch,
Now that we know it’s Outlook iOS not being compatible is there a way to make it compatible from Manager.io perspective?

I think it would save so much time.

I did what you suggested and now waiting for my client to reply back to see if it works by enabling pdf generator. I’ll let you know asap!

It, now works like a charm,
Love you guy’s and keep up the great work you do.