Getting help on the forum

This forum is the primary source of help on how to use Manager accounting software. It is completely free to users. To use the forum effectively, keep these top ten things in mind:

  1. Read the guides. The first forum topic, pinned to the top of the listings, takes you to guides that explain many features and functions of Manager. They include helpful illustrations and examples. We are always adding new ones and updating existing ones as capabilities of the program improve. Reading about how the program is designed to be used may answer your question.

  2. Search before you post. If you cannot find what you need in the guides, over 6,300 topics with almost 36,000 postings make it likely the answer to your question is already here on the forum. Before starting a new topic, tap into our huge, crowdsourced knowledge base. Chances are good you are not the first person among Manager’s tens of thousands of users with a similar question. Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the forum window.

  3. Update your software first. Manager advances very quickly. Sometimes, bugs occur with new releases. But these are usually fixed rapidly, often within minutes. So if you encounter a problem, update Manager, even if you recently did. You can check the latest version at

  4. Do not divert or hijack topics. If your question is not closely related to another topic, create a new one. When you add an unrelated question to an ongoing discussion, users who might know the answer probably will not read it. Some of our most expert users only read topics interesting to them.

  5. Pay attention to the age of postings. We generally do not close topics that might be useful to someone. So be aware that responses to old questions might be out of date. Look for the most recent replies when searching the forum.

  6. Be specific. No one can answer open-ended questions. If your question relates to an apparent software problem (rather than an accounting issue), tell us your operating system (including the version), Manager edition (desktop, server, or cloud), and exactly what you think is wrong. If possible, post screen shots illustrating the problem. Upload the screen shots using the symbol above the forum text entry pane.

  7. Be realistic. Remember this forum is for help about Manager accounting software. While many questions about HTML and Liquid code are appropriate in the context of using Manager’s custom theme capability, the forum is not a source for general software training. Many such resources exist on the web. Or you may need to hire local programming support to accomplish something.

  8. Understand the fundamentals of accounting. Manager is a tool for double-entry accounting. To use it, you must first understand what the tool is meant to accomplish. Do not expect Manager or this forum to provide basic knowledge about how to organize your business, set up your chart of accounts, or manage your company. Before trying to use Manager, spend some time educating yourself about the basics of accounting. (Again, there are many excellent sources on the web.) Consult with an accountant if unsure about anything before plunging into accounting. You will probably save much more than you spend by avoiding problems that must be corrected later. You may avoid legal troubles, too.

  9. Be anonymous. For your own protection, please do not include personal information in your posts: no addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, advertising, or commercial offers.

  10. Be respectful. The Manager forum has remained remarkably free of the personal attacks that dominate so many online spaces. Of course, users have differing opinions about the best way to solve problems. And suggestions for future developments sometimes conflict. But all that is healthy. Help us keep this a welcoming place to resolve problems by avoiding individual criticism, profanity, and unnecessary complaints. If you notice anything that contradicts the principles of the forum, flag the post for moderator attention rather than addressing it yourself. For more information on community guidelines, click this link.