Payslips confidential yet?

Can someone confirm emailing payslips are now confidential in Manager please? Now what I mean by this… can other Manager users see Payslip attachments and emailed payslip attachments / data if they are emailed from within the manager system.

We have not been using this function since Aug 2020 Mutiny over Payslips

To explore if Manager now does what you want or not want you could create a test business based on an import of a new backup and rename it to test business and explore.

Nothing has been changed. In your original thread, several paths to better email confidentiality were suggested to you, but you seemed to reject them all. The primary problem is that you are copying private email to a central repository but not limiting access to that repository. No change in Manager will overcome an issue like that. The program already contains features to avoid that.

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We will not be copying anything … Not sure where that is you referring to … maybe the global email send to tick box under email. Well that has been unticked.

So what you maybe saying is that regarding any payslips emailed from Manager they can still be viewed by anyone with access to the attachments and / or access to the email tabs?

In other words payslips are not yet confidential in Manager correct?

By “copying” I meant sending a copy. That is common terminology.

They are not confidential if you put them where people can see them.

Ok without putting payslips anywhere is the above true?

Yes, of course.

For confidentiality reasons, respect to employees and increased confidence for the PAYROLL staff I would like to suggest that for payslips there is no attachment visible in the email tab for payslips and then also no attachment visible under the attachments tab for payslips.

That might be a reason to consider using a dedicated Payroll program instead of trying to force payroll functionality onto what is essentially an Accounting system.

I understand your concerns and needs, but for our businesses and non-profits we are fully transparent to our staff and prefer the system as it operates now. I hope that if more security is implemented that restrictions would be optional as we may face issues with our staff when no longer perceived as transparent.

@Compuit, on the sidenote it is my hope we will get an employee portal in Manager similar to the customer portal but atleast until then here is maybe one solution.

Add a new business in Manager which is only used for payslips and only the employee processing payslips can access. That business has one dedicated bankaccount. Aggregate payslip amounts are only sent back to the main business. This business can be considered a dedicated payslip “software” but from what I have seen the Payslip module in Manager is very capable so I don’t see any reason to use some external payslip software unless some custom features are needed.

I do not think anyone is really talking about new features here but more of a case when Payslips are emailed that they do not show up as attachments under the Attachment and Email Tabs.
Why use a separate Payroll system when all is perfectly functional in Manager bar confidentiality?
I see this as a restriction or limitation of attachment data applied only to payslip recording in attachment and email tabs. Frankly I am quite intrigued with organizations that are quite happy sharing staff payslip info with anyone who has access to the attachment and Email tabs. How do you not get in trouble with your crew?

I think a checkbox in email templates to keep or delete attachment would suit your needs well, right?

Staff are not cared how it is done … they just want their personal pay data confidential … hence my question in this subject.

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This is quite a balanced explanations and concludes with

"…Ultimately, the decision of whether to institute a policy of salary transparency, the level of transparency, and success of that policy, is likely to be determined by the culture of the company, John Challenger wisely notes. Moreover, he feels strongly that organizations must take a long and honest look at the cultures that they have created. In particular, he warns that “opening up the books on salaries” is not a magic cure-all. Indeed, in organizations that suffer from long histories of “distrust, animosity, perceptions of favoritism, etc.,” such revelations are more likely to heighten tensions than to relieve them. Instead, salary transparency must be preceded by a fundamental change in the company culture that inevitably will take time. On the other hand, in a company with “a highly collaborative workforce, engaged workers, open-door policies, and a bottom-up management style” salary transparency is likely to be “a natural extension of the culture already in place…”

Added some more sources (there are numerous):

For ourselves we find it fair and liberating.

If confidentiality is what you want, the highest level of confidentiality is taking the payslip process out of the mainstream accounting system which is cleaner and this is the main reason companies use external payslip contractors, not that they don’t have qualified staff internally to process payslips themselves as payslips processing is fairly simple. Then companies don’t have to worry about some records showing up on some of the accounts in the chart of accounts which some employee can access. It’s not just the salary amount of concern (and payslip attachments) as all the small amounts which are calculated based on salary can be used to calculate and “re-engineer” the salary amount and these small amounts can be all over the place in the chart of accounts. Not to mention all sorts of attachments for the small amounts which can also be all over the place, like pension payments calculated based on salary

But of course it all depends on size of company, culture, cost etc. what companies do. Bottom line, its maybe a risk calculation, effort/cost of payslip system versus upsetting some employees (or simply owners of the company) if there is some accidental “leak” in salary information.

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Guys thanks for your input what you are saying is no secret but we look after different business types Not for Profit, Clubs, professional businesses, Technology Operations, Manufacturing, Personal and even Churches. Not all people / business types behave and think sharing personal data is OK. Now I think we have clearly pointed out where the problem may lie for the current payslip communication process.
I was hoping sanity would would prevail. By way is this a worthy idea?

Pretty impressed - with the suggestion of not having Employee payslip data in your mainstream accounting system… particularly when it works well! Come on…

After all it is feedback from business owners and their employees.

So here I leave the matter to the powers that be… no more gas… I see payslip talk at Add password to pdf - #5 by Tor now…

I was only pointing out one solution and specificly used the words “maybe one solution” meaning it depends. Atleast you were talking about some mutiny over payslips. If you don’t agree with common accounting practice of using external payslip software for confidentiality then by all means don’t use this idea for a solution.

Indeed if you need an external payslip, etc solution as part of an HR package you could explore for example Icehrm which allows for pro and open source versions to be installed on your own servers if you do not like to use a cloud optio; or Definitiv for New Zealand, Australia & Singapore.

Wholly agree with this. In my other post Add password to pdf, I mentioned needing security to the payslip. I brought this up because there was a recent case of a payslip being viewed by other parties and worse of all, they big mouth over what they saw. We could only discipline the offenders according to our employee regulations on the matter of privacy and confidentiality but it was also our fault for not providing our employees a secured document. I am hoping the Manager developers come out a quick solution to this payslip document.

On another note, I am not too keen to have the employee portal for our employees to access. Since our Manager is self-hosted within our network and our employees share PC, the danger if one accesses to the Manager and forgot to log out, the next person opens the browser to access to the Manager, it exposures the previous user’s data. Manager does not have auto log out system if idle or after the closing of the browser.