User Email Tab gone - Restricted Users

Guys Linux Server Version 22.6.12 User Email Tab gone for Restricted Users. The Email Tab has been moved to the top right and users who had access to emails in the past no longer have access or rather the “Email” Tab is missing for their logins since Manager was updated.


Please is there a new customize thing I should be looking for to enable for restricted users?

An administrator can set email permissions under Settings > User Permissions. Select the Username. The relevant field is in the Settings group.

Problem is it no longer exists in that spot you describe for email or attachments. Seems like since move to top right the permission options for those two tabs are gone. The crew are real edgy now about the disappearance.
Might as well follow-up on “attachments” permission options as well as it seems like it suffers in the same way.

Hopefully when the email tab returns payslip email info will not be viewable to restricted users and another painful employee privacy issue will be solved.

I see what you are saying now. I thought you were referring to the ability to see the Email Settings page. Looking at your first screen shot, I see that I misinterpreted your comment, partly because you were referring to quite an old version of the program.

The Emails functional tab was removed in July 2021, if that is what you are referring to. It does not exist for any user. That change was meant to prevent users with access to the Emails tab from seeing transactions attached to emails that they were not permitted to see. If you are referring to the Emails button, that is a separate issue. Emails, Attachments, History, and Backup functions can only be accessed by administrative users. This prevents unauthorized access to information and malicious or accidental deletion of records. There has been quite a bit of evolution in this aspect of the program over the past year. It is probably fair to say there is still room for improvement, but the topic is complex due to interrelationships between tabs and functions.

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I think I should keep this incident real simple and stick to the title. Staff used what was the “email tab” to follow up on items sent to customers and clients like quotes, invoices…. Statements etc this ability for staff “restricted users” is now gone. No email button / option is available to them any longer.

If my memory serves me right, I recall a certain user :no_mouth::grimacing: said this at some point in time:

You have to admit that you’re expecting a bit too much from Manager’s email function. I do agree that it would be nice for Manager to have all of the features you requested, they’re all individually reasonable but they all together too much for an accounting software to have. At least for now, that is.

There are quick and effective solutions, however, for most – if not all – your issues and that is to use to forward-email feature of Manager to email to a “Master” Outlook account with rules. This master email can do all the forwarding necessary for you.

Heck do not remind me about that mutiny… l am still wounded. We have turned that forward all email feature off. There is a fine line here as pointed out and we need to tread carefully between operational and management / payroll permissions.

  1. Ideally all emailing to be logged
  2. Payroll / Payslip email logged and viewable only by those with payslip user permissions

That’s why I believe this change took place. I can’t predict what the developer has in mind, but I vaguely recall a discussion where emails were proposed to be treated similar to history (i.e. you will be able to view the emails of a specific transaction from it’s view screen)

This should solve two problems:

  1. Unnecessary search
  2. User permissions

I’m not a 100% certain of this, but this seems like a move in the right direction.

I agree in principle so as things stand right now with emails / email logs not being available to restricted users it may mean we could revert to emailing payslips directly from manger as intended without the fear of staff seeing the payslip info in the logs or the attachments. This is great and this manager feature will save us time and reduce error.
However we are fearful to follow this thinking right now unless there is some confirmation that the privacy will remain for payslips. Restricted users must not see payslip data in the email tab.

I hope so too.

@compuit, I am confused about your position. In your opening post, you seemed to be complaining about disappearance of the Emails button for restricted users. Your second post specifically called that a problem and said your crew was edgy about the disappearance. In post #9, you appeared to celebrate the removal, saying “This is great….” What are you actually advocating?

Keep it simple Tut - as per subject. The change / move could be the developer in progress to solve another issue (payslip) as pointed out.

  1. So right now the move has taken away an operational feature for the crew. Which is the reason for this incident.
  2. Ealfardan Has brought up and pointed out the change / Move might have solved the payslip privacy / Mutiny issue. Which is very exciting for me as I get to live another day.

A) So now operational crew (restricted users) in the business are screwed ( no email log access) but
B) Management / payslip crew in the business are potentially satisfied (payslip privacy is sorted in email logs) because restricted users cannot see the payslip email logs.

Now we are uncertain if this status is going to remain or not. Also note that this thinking was not considered as far as I know to be a valid feature/ idea. Should Management start using the email of payslips function today and then tomorrow the developer turns on restricted user access to email logs including visibility of payslip logs then I will be finally dead.

Please, let this thread be revisited for a restricted user to be given access to send email.

That’s already possible even without access to the email settings, at least in server v23.5.8.822.