Mutiny over Payslips

This week there have been staff during the course of their day to day work stumbled across Payslips in the Manager Global inbox / Email Address.
Please, please can Payslips when emailed from manager not be included in the “Send a copy of every email to this address”. Today due to an oversight there was a mutiny!

Using rules in an email client to delete them in the primary address (perhaps after forward payslips to another email address) maybe a workaround you could implement prior to explicit Manager support.

I think the solution that @Patch suggested is the way to go because I don’t think that adding a feature that other readily available software has already perfected benefits either manager or its users.

The suggested method is not ideal as users with permission to mail account can alter the rules. It must come from manager end to be properly and professionally Implemented. We are not talking about a feature being taken away here unless you are happy about other people seeing your payslip… then It is a great feature taken away… I still have disgruntled employees in two different companies … “saying get rid of manager”.

Is this feature to send a copy of every email still relevant? Now that we have Emails tab which contains all the sent emails with attachments, do we still need this?

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I do think it is a good thing for record purposes… if the email tab takes on that role then in my view it can go. However the attachment with pay sheet / PaySlip data must not be viewable to users with access to the email tab for the same reason of privacy and employees not wanting their pays seen by others please.

The part I do not understand is the need to send the email to an address which has universal access. Doing so will circumvent permissions within Manager. Reproducing permission structure outside of Manager requires an email over ride with the same granularity as the Managers internal permission system.

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As you know Manager sends email to foreign email addresses and also records it to an email address as setup under email. Coming to think about it with the newish Email Tab that may not be necessary or relevant as Lubos suggested.
From a business perspective the Payslip Email ought to be private to the recipient and to the Payroll User.

I have deselected and removed the Email TAB from users but the idea or option above to have Payslips when emailed from manager not be included in the “ Send a copy of every email to this address ” will still need to get attention.

I have made certain that users do not have the Attachments Tab enabled as well because once again in there all Payslip and IRD data / communication is revealed as well.

I concur. Having the option to send a copy of every email to this address is not a good idea. I would remove it and review the permissions of the email tab to ensure that only authorised users can view relevant information. Payslips is one area where privacy is paramount!

I wonder if it would be a suitable compromise to offer another field that all emails are Copied to. If another entry is offered then a system mailbox or crm destination can be specified instead of a “real” person.

It would also be good if multiple emails could be specified (separated by semi-colon or comma for example)

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I believe in many situations it is. But it must be used thoughtfully. Consider two examples:

  • A small business owner does her own bookkeeping work on the desktop edition and wants to archive all emails, whether from Manager or not, in her regular email client so they can be reviewed, forwarded, etc. She already maintains physical access control to her accounting records and has no reason for further security or permission control. She checks the box, forwarding email copies to her personal email address. Now she can review all email without launching Manager.
  • A larger business with its own accounting staff wants to limit who can see emails. It creates a special email address accessible only by the owner and financial officer and also checks the forwarding box. It extends email permissions within Manager to the owner and human resources manager.

Keeping the option provides flexibility. But users need to think through the ramifications of who can see what at each potential repository of information. This situation is certainly not unique to privacy concerns for payslips. It applies to every type of information entered into Manager. I find it interesting that this issue is only being raised now, years after the email tab and forwarding checkbox were included in the program.

Email Tab has not always included attachments and the attachment Tab has not always been there. We do not put new versions into production immediately (see topic fear of updating).
Historically (for years) we had payroll manually delete payslip email from the inbox, the sent Items and only then delete the payslip email from the deleted items after every pay run. This is where the oversight / slip up came in as it was not done.

I find it useful.
In a small business it confirms emails are still working and records what is actually sent (as opposed to what I thought was sent).

In a larger company makings more extensive use of user access control, clearly the email must goto an account only administrators have access to. Email client rules there could be used to distribute it further if a businesses required it.


Perhaps Email could be setup under Form Defaults, then the User can select which emails from which form require a “confirmation” copy to be sent, rather than being an one in all in situation.

I still think the payslips must not be emailed to a global email address like everything else it should be an opt-in option maybe. Coming to think about it Business reporting and Custom Reporting should be going to the inputted email addresses or the desired recipient only.
I believe the email tab / logging should show a payslip has been sent but no attachment in the logs so others cannot open it and have a peek. The employees use the email Tab / logs extensively to check on what communication has been sent to who, when and what, particularly invoicing quotes statements etc. So the attachments are very important in those cases, but please no attachments for Payslips in the Email Tab.

This is a major test of ethics for some.

Then you are the perfect candidate not to check the box for all emails to go to a designated address.

This feature was just recently added because so many users requested it. I doubt it will now be taken away.

Yes, and that ability would be hampered if you could not then look at the email that was sent. As people pointed out in requesting the feature, it did not do much good to just see the covering email without the transaction.

Your concern for payroll privacy is understandable. But you really should not be relying on settings in your accounting program to achieve it. Those can be changed for nefarious purposes. By the time the change was discovered, the damage is done. Your payroll personnel really need a more secure communication channel with employees. That probably means creating PDFs and emailing them with a dedicated email client from a separate address.

Your comments Tut at this point are not constructive - Yes we rely heavily on all Manager modules and there is a path to that end I think Brucanna has something worth consideration. What has occurred in the organisation has not been pretty.

If the Email Address was removed from Email Setting altogether, then under Form Defaults > Email, if a User ticked the Sales Invoice box to get a “confirmation” email then an individual email address could be set - sales@ . . . . - or the global email set if the business only has one email address. That way, the Payslip tick box is either left unticked or have a dedicated email address - payoffice@ . . . .

This would mean that when the “Test Email Settings” button is selected, an email address will have to be entered to complete the test.