Screamed at because of Payslips - Not confidential

While we host and assist numerous companies using Manager we have had another business owner who is upset with us because emailed Payslips are open for all staff to read under emails.

Please can something be done about this?

Only if you use Cloud or Server Editions. There you can set user permissions with NO ACCESS to emails.

Shucks I will get screamed at again … I cannot tell the another company owner to not allow staff to see emails for sent Quotes, Invoices and whatever else… Purchase Orders??

Then do not use Manager to send Payslips, download them and use an email app.

We are forced to do this ourselves really slows things down but it seems that when a new business engages Manager it may be good for us to warn the business owner about this shortcoming before been screamed at.

Actually this was solved when emails were removed from being a tab and instead merged with history.

I liked it better that way but Idk why it was changed back?