Payslip email

I would like to suggest the ability to send the copy of payslips to a different email address which is setup under the email settings. The use case, the company and employees wish to keep wages private to payroll only. Using the generic address set in “Send a copy of every email to this address” does not fit the privacy wish.

We need the monitoring email address for all other email communication so is there a work around please?

It’s more work, but you could generate PDFs and email them separately to employees.

Dug up and old idea which still plagues us across multiple companies. I am wondering if anyone else see value in this for the sake of payslip privacy. Company email goes out and is delivered to a generic email account which is great. However multiple people have access to the generic email account which in turn makes payslip email no longer “private” for employees. Some employees are not happy about this.

  1. Could emailed payslips to be excluded from this global email copy setting?
  2. Alternatively can a different copy to email account be assigned to payslip?