PAID in FULL but outstanding

My invoice is showing PAID IN FULL but the customer haven’t paid yet.

im having the same problem

you would need to check your cash account transactions as you must have received money for the wrong invoice or wrong client somewhere. I have just updated to the latest version this minute and I am not seeing any issues with invoices showing paid instead of unpaid.

Check two things:

  1. Your software is up to date. Older versions of Manager allowed a sales invoice to be entered without a customer, which immediately showed as Paid in Full. More recent versions require you to select the customer first to avoid this problem.

  2. Look at your Summary page. If there is a Suspense account showing, you have made incorrect entries. Drill down on the Suspense balance and complete or correct all transactions shown.

  1. Checked and have the latest version, i.e. 16.7.73.
  2. No Suspense Account on the summary page and double checked the accounts in question.

This does seem to be an issue.

Also, the customer reflects the correct balance, having added the invoice, but the invoice itself reflects “PAID IN FULL”.

As of today, mine is doing the same thing. As soon as the invoice is made it shows paid in full but the invoice is still outstanding.

ok, so the problem is when you create a new invoice as of right now? In my case, I created the invoices a few days ago before upgrading to the latest version. This is something that @lubos will need to look into then. Just for your reference, the latest version is 16.7.74 - make sure that you are on that version and see if the problem still occurs.

Just did an update…

…now 16.7.76. And still the same issue!

Same here after updating to the latest version.

Sorry about this. It’s fixed in the latest version (16.7.78).

It was a regression bug related to this enhancement:

I am having the same problem occur on purchase invoices.

The latest update is fixing when viewing both, sales invoices and purchase invoices too.

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Thanks! :grin: That sorted the problem… and thanks to the team for your timely responses, fixes and hard work!

From a fellow software geek! :nerd:

I feel silly asking but how do I update to the latest version? I’m using cloud version. Chris

I am using the online version 16.7.77, still showing the same problem, how to update?

I am using cloud version and have closed it twice. Logged in both times and the same problem is still occurring.

The cloud edition will upgrade automatically when you don’t use it for 20 minutes. Or you can email me to with your domain name to trigger right away.

email sent, thanks!

Hi Lubos,
I have cloud version Manager 17.1.80. I having same problem. In few invoices I already received money, but still showing pending. But when you open invoice saying no outstanding. Could you please let me know.

You need to post a screen shot showing the edit screen for one of receipts you say paid off an invoice that still shows a balance due. (Your “pending” terminology is not used in the program for sales invoices, only for cash account transactions.)

Then show a screen shot of the corresponding sales invoice.

The most likely problem is that you did not allocate the receipt to the proper invoice.