Billable Exp Invoice "Paid In Full"

i record billable exp, when i generate the invoice of it why it shows “PAID IN FULL” even i didn’t receive the payment from customer, am i doing something wrong?

More information is required in order to help you.

Can you post a screenshot of the invoice? It sounds like the customer might’ve already had some credit and that has been automatically applied. Check the total column and look at what is displayed for balance due.

This is an example I posted in another thread. Notice the ‘Balance due’ field is zero, because of the ‘Amount credited’. Further down on this same invoice it would’ve said ‘PAID IN FULL’, even though I’d just created it:

What version is your software under About Manager? This sounds like the way the program used to behave long ago when a customer was not properly designated. You can no longer do that.

ShaneAU and Tut thanks for reply,

Version Manager 17.9.23 (update)

You’ll notice it says ‘Amount credited’ on there.

Go to your ‘Sales Invoices’ tab, and look for the invoice that you’ve got the problem with.

Click on the balance due $0.00 (should look something like the image below), and then post a screenshot of the screen you see next?

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Also try going to the ‘Customers’ tab, and look for the customer that you’ve got the problem with.

Click on the ‘Accounts receivable’ column value (looks something like the image below). It might be a number, or it might be a hyphen (-). But it should be clickable. Then post a screenshot of that screen as well?

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@Syed_Salman_Ali, you are completely misusing the Billable Expenses tab. Billable expenses are those you purchase on behalf of the customer. For example, a carpenter might purchase wood for a project. A consultant might travel to a customer’s job site to perform work. Billable expenses are passed through to the customer without affecting your books, because they are not expenses of your business. See these Guides:

The items on the invoice you’ve shown are simply services you have sold that should be posted to an income account. Because they look like common services, you can set them up as non-inventory items. See this Guide:

The series of screen shots you uploaded suggest you are doing something else incorrectly. I suspect, if you are regularly recording similar services as billable expenses, they are never showing up as income. Therefore, if a customer has made other payments to you and you have posted them against Accounts receivable, you are building up a credit balance for the customer. That credit balance is immediately applied against new sales invoices.

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thank you Tut, you give me the right direction :grinning: