Sales Invoice: Paid in full bug

Hi. I recently noticed that manager marks few Sales Invoice paid in full even though it is unpaid as per recorded transactions. I tried refreshing the page but in vain. Surprisingly, when i open it in separate tab it automatically marks unpaid.

I am facing this issue in 1-2 invoices out of 50+ invoices I create daily.

Has anybody experienced similar problem or could anyone advise what might go wrong?

You need to explain this using screenshots of the invoices in question

This could be because some of your customers have a credit balance

Hi @Joe91

Attached the Sales Invoice marked as Paid in full after creation.

Attached the Sales Invoice which was opened in a new tab marked nothing and deemed as unpaid.

Attached customer ledger showing no credits.

Very strange - it would seem to be a problem with the generation of the print image as there are no payments allocated to the invoice

I will have to leave this to someone better qualified than me

What version and edition of manager are you using?
Are you using a custom theme?

I am sure it is a bug as there is no payment which reflects in the invoice and thus can’t be paid in full.

19.12.13 in cloud edition.

No. I am not using custom theme.

What do you mean by this? How are you opening a sales invoice in separate tabs? (Tabs are the functional categories in the left navigation pane. If you mean something else, please explain.)

Sorry for the radio silence.

I meant opening tabs in a new window marks invoice as unpaid. But the window invoice was created marks paid in full despite page refreshes.

I cannot reproduce this. You initially wrote that this happens on a “few” sales invoices. Trying copying (on paper) all details of one of those sales invoices, deleting the invoice, and re-entering it exactly as before. Perhaps your data file was corrupted.

I am now facing this problem often. Almost all invoice is marked paid in full without showing “less: receipt” as soon it is posted.

And when I check from ledger I sometimes see those invoices shows “less: receipt” and sometimes it shows no receipt at all. The “less: receipt” is pretty inconsistent now which is why the invoice marks wrong “paid in full”

@lubos please help.

Did you try deleting and re-entering as I suggested? What happened?

The invoices are posted by my employees who aren’t given permission to edit.

By the time I check from a my PC the invoice becomes unpaid whilst my employee’s PC still shows paid in full.

And that is the key point - having no “Less: Receipt” showing on a “Paid in Full” invoice.

Is this permission possibly causing the condition. Does the condition still occur when an invoice is created by a user who doesn’t have restricted permissions.

Or a “Form Default” selection - but just guessing here.


It occurs whichever the way.

I checked form defaults, all seems good there.

@raJ, you still have not reported the results of the test I recommended in post #8. Did you perform it? What happened?