Sales Invoices "Paid in full" & Summary 0.00

Manager works ok, but when I update to 14.12.19, Sales Invoices display “Paid in full” (Invoice Total 0.00, Balance due 0.00) and in Summary, Accounts receivable, Income, Less Expenses, Net profit, Less Other liabilities, Equity display 0.00

Please, help me…

I have the same issue. Did you receive money in partial payments or full? I observed that when you receive money in full payment as the amount stated in the invoice, the money received will be displayed in income. But if it is in partial payment, it won’t appear in the Income Summary.

Also make sure you sure you select a supplier or customer when you create Sales Invoice or P/I. If you don’t it will show paid in full and amount 0.00

It is required to specify a customer on sales invoices and supplier on purchase invoices. Current version doesn’t make this very obvious but in future, it will be impossible to create a invoice without customer or supplier.

I filled out every item in the invoice and received money including the customer. Once I receive money, the amount gets deducted from the balance due for every customer but does not appear in sales. I hope you could help me with this.

Make sure you assign the item that you selling from Inventory or Sales invoice item to sales account.

What to check:

  1. Did you categorize line item in invoice to Sales account if you expect to see it there?
  2. What is the issue date of the invoice? Is it within date range of financial performance on Summary tab? Click Customize button on Summary tab to make sure date range is set for the period you want to see.

Here is the screen shot of how I do the invoice and receive money. I just covered the name of the customer/ student.

Every time I receive payment from that customer. The amount is deducted from his balance due and account receivable but does not appear in my summary of sales.

When you receive payment from customer, your accounts receivable will be reduced and bank account increased.

On accrual basis (which is basis Summary tab shows figures on), your income is increased when you issue invoice, not when you receive money from customer.

This is just portion of the amount I received from customers. If you add them, they are not in my sales. How come when some customers pay in full amount, the amount received appears in sales summary? Even the invoices I issued do not appear in sales as well.

If you like, send your accounting file to and you will get an answer why income in invoices doesn’t show on Summary tab.

Alright. Thanks.