Sales Invoices paid in full

i have just installed manager, i have previously used it and it worked great. However now when i do a sales invoice it automatically shows it is paid in full and no amounts are showing up how can i fix this?

If you generate a sales invoice without a customer, it shows as paid in full. And you should find the amount in your Suspense account. Create a customer first and assign the invoice to the customer. Then Manager will know what to do with it.

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I have the same issue, It started to happen when I have updated the Manager.Io to the latest version.
I have created the Invoice with a customer information in. It shows the correct customer name but when I generate a new Sales Invoice, I can see “Paid IN FULL” green stamp on the invoice.

Please help

You are responding to an almost three year old post. The program has changed a lot since then, including the way undesignated receipts are posted against sales invoices. Read these Guides:

If you don’t find the answer you need there, ask a more specific question and include screen shots of the edit screen for the sales invoice.

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