Unpaid Invoice marked paid

Hi, I see today’s Invoice no. 864 is marked paid when I created it but the past Invoice no. 838 is still marked unpaid while it should be the other way. Attaching screenshot for solving this issue:

These screen shots are not useful for troubleshooting, because they show the results of transactions, but not the transactions themselves.

First, I recommend updating your software. Your screen displays appear to be from quite an outdated version.

Second, in the Sales Invoices tab, drill down on the balance due for invoice 864. You will see all the transactions contributing to its zero balance. Do the same for other suspicious invoices. If one or more of those is incorrect, fix the error(s). On the surface, it looks like you have a problem of allocating or not allocating receipts to the correct sales invoices.

Thanks Tut, I have a paid Cloud version, so I believe it should update itself. As advised, I observed the recent receipt allocations, the receipt dated 31.5.19 is allocating against today’s invoice no. 864 and is part allocating against 838 dated 23.5.19. The issue is that the receipt should first fully pay against the past invoice and not today’s invoice.


OK, I’m glad your software is up to date. Apparently, your screen shots just cut off too much for me to see what I expected.

Not necessarily. And you still haven’t given enough information to tell if anything is wrong about what happened. The first thing to realize is that your first screen shot indicates nothing about what invoices are paid or unpaid. That screen shot shows the balance in the Accounts receivable account for a customer. It is completely possible to have a zero balance, yet have unpaid and/or overpaid invoices.

From your second screen shot, we only see that invoice 864 is paid in full. We don’t see how or why. You say the drill-down shows the 31.5.19 receipt posting against invoice 864, but you don’t say why. Was the invoice allocated that way? Show the Edit screen for that receipt.

It is important to look at not only the transaction dates for invoices and receipts, but also the clearance dates for bank receipts. You haven’t revealed any of those, so I can only speculate.

You are going to have to look at where every receipt was posted compared to what invoices were outstanding at the time they cleared and the due dates for those invoices. Undesignated receipts do not go the oldest invoice on record. (Your earlier comment implied you might think that.) They go to the unpaid invoice with the oldest due date

@sunny what Tut says is correct.

Your problem is with the receipt for Invoice #838 (AS 100.54)

When creating the receipt for Invoice #838 you selected Accounts receivable then customer ***** Mill but faild to select the invoice number, it is then left open to allocate to Invoices with an earilier Due Date, as Invoice #864 has an earlier Due Date, it has allocated the receipt firstly to that, (AS 71.28) then leaving the remainder of the ((AS 100.54) - (AS 71.28) = (AS 29.26)) to Invoice #838.

Fix the receipt (AS 100.54) and allocate to Invoice #838.