New to manager (set-up help)

Hello, I am started with manager for a few days and could have some start up help. The company is in the Netherlands. Hope it is okay to place my shout out here.

Please find the guide it will help a lot

I did ,but still the VAT on suplier invoices that I can get return does not show up in my administration. So I am making a mistake.

Read the guides on tax codes again.

You have not setup your tax codes correctly. Check that you are using the correct codes from the Localisation menu on the ste

Even with the already instalt 21% the place on purchase stays empty

Did you import the localisation for The Netherlands? and did you apply the tax rate to the purchases (last box on the item line)?

Could you place a screenshot of the entry page?

Yes and yes

Your report is for the period xx-01.2019 to 31.01.2020 and your invoice is dated 28.03.20 so it is not included in your report

Now I feel like a total dummy…
I will read on how to add a 100% tax for good import

Thank you very much

What is a 100% tax?

I know little about Dutch taxation but I presume it is similar to VAT taxation in the EU. I don’t recall a VAT tax of 100% anywhere.

Are you talking about reverse charge VAT?

We import goods from China, we need to pay tax in the Netherlands for this. When we receive the invoice there is handlingscost (21%) on it and VAT for the products. (I see that as 100%) tax that we can ask back.

Choose BTW 21% non-EU

I will leave it to other more informed users to help you to handle that correctly. I would expect the correct tax code is included in the localisation you imported

Search the forum as I think this has come up before

That’s fine, I thank you for you patients and time

The invoice is from the Netherlands… not from our vendor in China. So is 21 non-EU then correct ?

If it’s from NL then it’s the national BTW tax %

Than it will take the 21 %

It’s like this we get an invoice for let’s say 100 euro

20 euro is handling cost incl 21% vat
And 80 euro is only tax (vat) for importing the goods.
So I want to get back this 80 euro total.

Does this help [Dutch VAT on import DHL invoice]?(Dutch VAT on import DHL invoice)

This helps a lot, thank you… that is my question exactly…

You will find that answers to most of your questions can be found in the Guides or in the Forum so a quick search before asking is always a good idea