INVOICE only with VAT amount-how


I have problem with Creating of purchase invoice in the system.
Problem going from folowing situation:
I’m buying stuffs from another country where is no tax on it and is payed in USD.
That products are sended to me by courier company.
That company send to me later invoice with accountings fees and customs costs (I mean hear amount of tax in Euros what is apart in field).

How I can put single amount of tax what I pay in that invoice?
And also in that way that manager will be take out that amount from tax what is in the sumary.

I’m sure @Hennie will join this conversation since you are in the Netherlands. Since you apparently received and paid an invoice from your supplier in USD and are receiving a second invoice for VAT from the courier, there must be two separate purchase invoices for two separate suppliers. Since you are being billed for the calculated VAT amount, not assessed a percentage charge on some other line item, you will need to activate a 100% tax code so the entire amount goes towards VAT paid. See the Guide on Tax Codes:

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Yes but its going about invoice without unit price, only with amount of tax. I maked apart the rule for that but the summary then is not correct because i must adding “virtual money” in the administration and also the amounts of invoice is not correct like shud be.

You are going to need to provide more specific information before anyone can help. You and @Hennie may need to switch to Dutch and private messages.

Currently I am abroad. This weekend I Will be back and respond. Regards Hennie.

I have face a similar situation to this when importing from the USA into the UK.

You pay the supplier for the goods, which are invoiced to you without any taxes.
However, when it arrives in the UK, the clearance agent who handles the import for you will charge for:-

  1. Clearance Charges - Basically the agent’s fee for doing the paper-work
  2. Any fixed ad-valorem or import taxes.
  3. The Value of VAT, which in the UK is 20% of the sum of the cost of the goods, import tax, and clearance costs.

Typically, I receive an invoice firstly from the supplier, then a further invoice from the clearance agent.
Handling the supplier invoice in Manager is simple - we all know how to do it.
Handling the clearance agent’s invoice is however more troublesome, because the VAT value does not represent 20% of the Net.

The way I have done it is:-
Enter the initial supplier invoice in the normal way, which does not involve any VAT
Then,on receipt of the clearance agent’s invoice and papers, make a journal entry, where the total gross value of the invoice is Credited to the Bank Account, and the VAT value Debited to the VAT/Tax account in Manager, and clearance costs and any other duties Debited to the relevant cost accounts.

I for one would be interested to hear any comments about alternative ways to handle this in Manager.

That is example of invoice front side and back side (specification).
The best way to solve that will be add in manager custom field of tax where we can put manually amount of payed tax.
In that way amounts in summary will be correct.

As I mentioned before, read the Guide: The section on custom tax codes includes description of the 100% tax code. The example says you would pay the tax directly to the tax authority, but it’s the same approach when you pay it to the clearance agent. The line item would be described as VAT, the amount would be entered, and the 100% tax code would be applied. The entire amount on that line will be posted to Tax payable. Since it’s a receipt, this will reduce the amount owing. (I’m assuming the tax is offsetting, that is, that what you collect from customers is offset by what you pay to suppliers or agents or tax authorities.

Read this topic - this method uses standard tax code

Yes but with that metode i must put appart account in manager and total of invoice is not correct with 73.70eu in that example but gets 129,85eu because of that 100% vat.
In the tax is loking that in that way:
Name->custom tax-> single rate-> 100%
and i must put that to apart account in summary what i called Payed VAT

Yes but i need to summary must be good otherwise i cant count in all year the tax good for the tax office.

The summary will be good using that method, why wouldn’t it be

It sounds like you have unnecessarily created an expense account called Payed VAT. You should instead post transactions of purely VAT amounts to Tax payable, where they will offset VAT you owe to your tax authority.

Further than that, I cannot understand your posting, because none of your numbers match the invoice you posted. I think we have some language barriers that @Hennie will be able to resolve when he returns.

I make mistake in amount i was mean 73.70eu invoice amount. I think to i dont understeand way how i must make it to will be everything ok in purchase invoice and summary.
And you have right in that to i created an expense account Payed VAT because i dont know how to solve that in other way to summary and purchace invoice good added in manager.

Do you can explain me how to make it step by step beacuse my english in that part of accountancy is not strog.

Did you read the Guide on tax codes?

Without knowing your Account codes the Purchase Invoices would look like this

The VAT would be posted to the correct Tax Payable account

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Ooohh now i understeand.
That is good solution.
But also on some invoices the statistic value is not correct then i must count that myself from customs charge vat.
That field before duty or tax it must be added to “intrest recived” or other one to summary will be ok?

By the way i dont understeand why we cant make custom field in manager just for tax without unit price and making of extra non taxable field to take off the amount of unit.

Tut i read it but i think to i didnt understeand fully.

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There is a vat tax return report for the netherlands but it only works with the standard vat tax codes. Amounts entered via a custom code do not appear on the report. The problem can be solved with workaround which I will explain once I am back home this weekend. So please be patient.

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But ho wit will be looking that Account codes by you in that example it will be help me to make that correct.

For the first two lines you could use - Importing Charges
For the next two lines you could use - Clearing Account (as it will always end up as zero)