Show Tax at Invoice (Purchase & Sales)

Dear members,

Today I started exploring Manager. I love it, great software for accounting.
Unfortunately I bumped my head makeing a decent Invoice. This is my problem:

I already added TAXES(The Netherlands), I made my first Invoice, but there are
no rows with subtotal, VAT/BTW, total. See image.

Could someone help me with solving my problem? Great thanks!

Kindly Regards,

Jim Bisschop

Well, that’s definitely not right. You should see something along these lines for a tax-inclusive sales invoice:

(This example happens to use multiple tax codes, with the last one being a custom, multi-component code.)

For a tax-exclusive invoice, you would see:

Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the sales invoice that produces the result you showed? If necessary to show the entire screen, do it in pieces. Obscure or temporarily edit proprietary information if you want to.

By the way, you will also want to change your base currency under Settings.

Hi Tut,

Thank for helping me! I found out that this problem is only occurring when makeing a Invoice for purchaseing. So for a Sales Invoice the VAT will be added automaticly.

But I’m importing goods and must pay the goverment VAT, over the purchase Invoice. How would you administrate this?

Great thanks!

Hi Jim,

I’m a fellow Dutch user of Manager and also member of the Dutch translation team. Indeed, Manager is great software for accounting and it is perfectly well suited for the Dutch Vat but it is very important that you set up Manager the correct way. Once your fundamentals are set the proper way, I’m absolutely sure that it is a pleasure to use Manager.
In your case, are you importing from within the EU or from outside the EU. That are very important questions, for setting up your VAT administration.
You can contact me by sending me a private message by clicking on my avatar. I could help you in setting up your business in Manager if you like.
Tut and Brucanna, both are very experienced users and moderators of this forum, but they are not familiar with Dutch accounting legislation. They can be of great help for let’s say general global accounting questions.

Kind regards,


@innobee, I know @Hennie will take good care of you. Despite his kind words about me, he may actually be more experienced. He just doesn’t waste as much time on the forum. :wink:

I am still very concerned about how and where you created whatever form produced your first screen shot. For example, below are purchase invoices with two tax codes applied. The first is tax-exclusive. That is, the VAT was applied to the sum of line item amounts. The second is tax-inclusive, so VAT is backed out of the line item amounts:

As you can see, whether sales invoice or purchase invoice, the tax amounts are shown, unlike your example. I would still like to see the edit screen that produced that invoice.

Hi Henny,

Great, thank you for your offer! I’m really happy you would like to help setting up my business in Manager. As a starting entrepreneur every support is very welcome!

To answer your question, I’m importing goods out of Turkey. My relation uses a ATR-certificate, so I don’t need to pay import taxes. But I do need to pay VAT = BTW 21% on the goods I’m purchasing and selling in the Netherlands.

Anyway, I would like to use your offer to set up Manager, tonight 19.30 or tomorrow 19.30 would fit for me. Please let me know if this fits in your schedule, otherwise please let me know what moment suits you better.

Kind regards,

Jim Bisschop

Please make such arrangements via private message. Click on your avatar, in the upper right corner.

Excuse me @Tut. It won’t happen again, thank you for the prompt.

No problem. As I said before, I would like to see the edit screen for the first transaction you posted. This has nothing to do with setting up your accounts for Dutch VAT. But I would like to figure out how you got a taxable form with no tax showing.

Hi all, I’m experiencing the same problem as @innobee. My invoices were not showing tax-totals. I noticed this was only the case when using the built in Dutch tax codes. When I make a custom tax code with the same percentage, or even use a built in German tax code, the invoice does show the tax. I’ve made an example to show you what I mean.

Thanks in advance for your help.

@Hennie is the Dutch expert. But I just ran a small experiment and found that some Netherlands codes show and others do not:

This was not an exhaustive test of all the various Netherlands codes, but things don’t look right to me. However, there are some built-in tax codes that do unexpected things connected to their actual legal functioning.

@Hennie, I will wait to hear your feedback before elevating this to bug status.

@ Tut & JJJ

Manager does exactly what it should do.
For testing-purposes I created a company. I created 4 articles. Two with inland VAT tax-codes and two with non-inland tax-codes.
According to Dutch VAT-law and I assume that it applies as well to the German law (MwSt) is that only inland VAT is stated on the invoice. When you export goods, to an EU country, on the invoice you have to print the VAT registration number of the customer.
Before you send the invoice, you have to check that the customer VAT-registration number is a valid number. Once you have checked that and it is confirmed by the Tax-authorities you may apply the EU-codes. This means in practice that you send an invoice without VAT calculated but you have to show which VAT rate applies for the goods delivered. Your customer has to pay the VAT for the imported goods when they are imported but at the same time he may reclaim it as VAT paid. This applies to the B2B deliveries. When you send goods or render servies to a private foreign customer you have to calculate inland VAT. It is complicated I know. Manager shows the inland VAT because the customer has to pay this to his supplier. On the VAT-report Manager shows exactly the turnover related to the various VAT codes with one restriction. The Dutch VAT tax form only show the values as booked with the standard built-in codes. When you create your own tax-codes. Manager doesn’t show this on the concept-VAT report as it doesn’t know to what category the custom-code belongs to. It can’t also show VAT codes of two different countries because the report is country specific.
I hope I made things clear to you.
Again Manager works great but I have sometimes the impression that people are playing with the software, not knowing what they are doing or that they are lacking the relevant (tax) knowledge.
@ Tut, please don’t elevate this to bug level because as I said Manager does exactly what it should do.

This is the link where you can find more info about checking the VAT-codes for EU-deliveries.

When you deliver goods outside the EU, the same system applies. It is then recommended that you state the taxregistration number of your customer outside the EU and/or the registration number at the Chamber of Commerce.

This is my test-invoice.

Thanks very much for the explanation, @Hennie. I knew we could depend on you!

@jjj, as I said, some built-in codes do unexpected things based on legal requirements. I was not aware of these particular idiosyncrasies, because I don’t use those codes. I knew about simple things, like changing the title of a sales invoice to tax invoice if required by VAT regulations.

Thanks, guys! I hadn’t noticed there was a different custom code for domestic sales (BTW 21% instead of EU BTW 21%). Thanks for the help.