Installed Manager but not Starting

Please I need help I installed Manager on my laptop but it not starting…when I click on the icon on the desktop nothing happens no error message nothing …

Am using Windows operating system 8

I have uninstalled restarted my system and reinstalled but not still starting

  • What operating system does your laptop run
  • Where did you get your copy of Manager from
  • What are you clicking on

Have you look in these guides
Software Version: Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Install or update desktop edition on macOS

Okay I use windows 8
Got my copy from desktop edition from

Clicked on desktop shorcut

Just downloaded and installed it but still not starting

What version of dotNet do you have installed

The latest version of .Net Windows 8 supports is 4.6.1 according to
For .Net v4.6.2 or higher you need Windows 8.1