Have downloaded and installed but won't open

Hi there was hoping someone could help me out, I have just lost 6 months of data from my Manager software, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired and still the icon just keeps turning but nothing happens? Can anyone help me with this, it is kind of urgent! :frowning:

Cheers Justine

Can you provide details of your OS, Manager version, describe circumstances and any actions you were taking prior - updating or upgrading of software/computer etc

Without this, no one would know how to advise.
By the way, you probably haven’t lost the data - its just that you can’t access it.

well… try access through manager server application - by browser. if that works at least you’re not stuck for continue recording transactions until your desktop app solve…


login id = administrator
password = (there is non) just login…

backup the company file… continue on other computer.

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Hi Brucanna, everything was working just perfectly, luckily I have done a backup and managed to download Manager to our other computer . I wanted the program on my laptop though as it makes it easier to keep up to date with my accounts.

I use Windows 10, prior to it not opening nothing has changed at all. Other than the last time I tried to open it, about 50 pages of Manager opened at once. It is the Desktop Edition.
Cheers Justine

Thanks very much, I managed to download to other computer, then upload backup, but need to have access to Manager on my laptop for the future…

your welcome!