Create a overview from purchase invoice lines


Hi, i added a custom “Order” field on Purchase Invoice - Lines. Now i want to create an overview, similar like the bank transactions, of all the purchase invoice lines and search/filter them to get an overview off all the purchased items for a particular order. Does anyone know how this can be done.

P.S. I’ve tried Tracking-codes they don’t work for me.


Line item custom fields are not exposed for custom reports. Regular custom fields are, however, exposed. So you can only do what you ask at the purchase invoice level, not the line level.


It would be very handy when custom reports could also be used on line-level custom fields. Maybe @lubos can consider to add this possibility. Can and will you please put this in the ideas category.


I don’t know if this is technically feasible, so I won’t put it in the ideas category. But @lubos will see this thread, so he can decide. I know he favors adding custom fields, and already did so for transaction-level ones.


Custom reports will definitely support this.


Thanks, do you know approximately when this is possible.