New implementation of custom reports available

Also if we could do one to print out chart of accounts. I kind of did it in a fashion by printing out P&L including blank accounts but would of liked all chart of accounts

  • In the previous implementation I always did a partial search first, which then gave a small list to select from. When I couldn’t guess the name of the attribute I was looking for or where it was categorized I scrolled through the full list

  • In the new implementation I need to know the hierarchy, then find or search for the top level name.

  • The top level hierarchy also includes leaf entries and groups in an order I don’t yet understand

As a user new to the system, having the search also find sub entries or having a fully expanded menu list somewhere searchable would be useful.

Select …

Lines in this all have the boolean “and” operator between them in the current implementation. It would be useful if the user could select the “or” operator between some lines. I’m not sure if the underlying database supports this though

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@Wornout, your posts suggest you think the new custom report regimen is an opportunity to request all sorts of new, built-in reports. It is not. It is an improving method for constructing database queries of transactions.

I am liking the new Custom Report engine.

Just one little nit pick though, as the reference number is form (transaction) specific and never line specific I think it should have its own standalone “Select” option. Otherwise, more than one column is required to display all references

no TUT I did not assume that at all so calm down or are you having a bad day again? or is it just me?
and they are custom reports not built in I was merely asking if those 2 fields could be added


@lubos will there be some way of renaming columns as there was in the old engine?

@Wornout, I do not know what you 2 fields you are referring to. In your first two posts in this thread, you asked for:

  • A depreciation amount report. You showed a view of a report without showing or asking anything about the definition or design of such a report.
  • A print-out of the chart of accounts.

Neither of those requests seemed to have anything to do with “those 2 fields” (whatever fields you mean). Nor was either post about the mechanics of constructing a custom report. Both posts sounded like requests for specific reports to be added to the program. If you are requesting some specific capability for custom reports, please describe what it is.

I assume it was another request to access COA account names in the new custom reports, the same as

Btw I also didn’t understand what @Wornout was asking initially

I think that the OR option is a must have. And also given the nature of the reporting tool an always update map of the fields would be fundamental.

Sir, I would like to make Custom report for

  1. Customer wise sales -

i want to see what am selling to perticular customer with Qty

  1. Average sales for inventory item

Average sales are not recorded anywhere in Manager, so you will not be able to get this in a custom report. Custom reports can only report what is in the database. However, you can export the Inventory Quantity Summary report and add a column in a spreadsheet to calculate average sales over shorter periods than the period defined for the report. You could also add several columns to obtain, for example, average monthly sales, average quarterly sales, etc.

It depends… I think that @lubos once wrote that the new custom reports would be connected to transformation report. In this case also average sales can be obtained, not immediately and easily, but it can be done.

Would be thankful if someone can show me how to make a custom report that shows write-off inventory qty grouped by custom field.



Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I’m working through it.

Thanks @lubos for quick response.

I can’t find write-off

I am using cloud edition 20.6.25

I’ve added Inventory Write-off field just now to the latest version (20.6.28). Go to and click Restart Cloud Server button to force the upgrade. Then check again.

Thanks, it is what I actually want.

I am wondering if it is possible as well to have a custom report to show transactions of Receipts & Payments and Inter Account Transfers in one report

Dear @lubos, can you please add “Amount (Reverse Sign)” to the report?

By the way, I made a JOIN between Inventory Kit, Customers and Sale Invoices. Is the resulting table an INNER JOIN? It shows me only sold inventory kits and not the to one which were never sold.

It could be usefull to choose between INNER or OUTER JOIN.

Dear @lubos,

other suggestion:

  1. why not adding the possibility to rename the columns directly in the select list by just adding a “name” filed on the right of each field?
  2. can you please add the possibility to set “until” date to Today in order to have to report always updated?
  3. can you please add the possibily to group “custom reports” in categories to make them easily searchable in case one has many reports?
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