Missing Income Account After Version update

I did a version update and imported my business file. It is missing an income account. As I cannot access my business file in an old version of Manager I do not know if I had linked the account to something else on Manager, I don’t think that I did, I am pretty certain I had created a new account for the purpose I needed under Income. It is the main account I use for income so need some answers!! Everything else appears to be okay.

You do not have to import your business file after an update - Manager updates itself and your business data files are left untouched.

Can you explain exactly what you did and what version you updated from?

I do not know what version I updated from. I have used the program for a year and this is the first update I have done. I am not sure if I did the import the file, I know the business file was in the list when I opened Manager. I did import one of my backup files because of the missing account but it was the same and so I deleted it from the list.

when you say you are missing an income account, do you mean the account does not appear in your Chart of Accounts or do you mean it is not displayed in the Summary page?
If it is missing from the Summary page, it might be possible that you have excluded to show zero balance accounts.

It is not in the Chart of Accounts or the Summary Page.

If any transactions were posted to that income account and it is now missing, then they should appear in the Suspense account

Can you post a few screen shots?

do as @Joe91 suggested.
also, check your History to track any manual changes made to your accounts.

Attached is some screen shots, the Summary page and snippet from an old invoice. The account that is missing is 4400 - Billable time invoiced which may seem misleading as I have never used the Billable time tab, I just named it this and manually enter the hours and hourly cost on each invoice. Is there any other screen shots that would be helpful?

It could be that in using an account called Billable time - invoiced which had the same name as the built-in account has confused Manager and during the update it messed up the database

Can you show a screenshot of the tabs on the left of the Summary Screen ?

Attached file. I did wonder if that is possibly the case. The reason I did the version update originally was because the date was not generating automatically after 8th September, I know this is probably not related to my the current issue but thought I would mention it!

Where did it post the AUD 192.50 on the invoice to? or at least the non-taxable part AUD 175?

What happens if you re-create the account ?

You could also try unticking the Billable Time and Billable Expenses in the Customise tab if you are not using them

The AUD 192.50 was posted to the missing account, see attached picture. I did re-create the account but the balance is nil.

What’s that a copy of?

It helps to show the full screen as otherwise it is difficult to know what I am looking at

Sorry that is from the Profit and Loss Statement

You can drill down on the amount in the P & L to see the entries?

It looks like the account is just missing from the Summary screen ?

What are the edit options on the Summary screen?

Yes you can drill down on the accounts in the P & L to see the entries but the account in question no longer shows in the summary. The last picture I sent was what it was like previously as I scanned it from an old P&L, sorry I omitted to say that, and it was my way of answering your previous question. I sent it to show what used to be there and where the amount was posted to. Have attached a screen shot of the edit options from the summary screen.Edit Summary Screen

I would make a backup, just in case.

Does changing it to Accruals help?

Untick the Billable Time and Expenses tabs in Customise, recreate the account 4400 and see what happens

I suspect that you upgraded from an old version (possibly thousands of versions in arrears) and that has confused it with the account names. I would suggest changing the account names to something that distingushes themn from the built-in account names

Changing it to accruals does not make any difference.

If I untick the Billable Time and Expenses tab in Customise, and recreate the account, the balance is still nil. I also loose the Billable Expenses invoiced, so maybe I did have them linked.

I don’t have an issue changing the account names but I need the data for the 4400 account. Is there a a way to access this so I can change the account names and have my data?

Now, it’s gone beyond my area of expertise - I don’t use the Billable Time or Expense tabs so am at a loss

It looks like you were using the Billable Time and Expense accounts incorrectly - ie not using the Billable Time & Expense tabs

Maybe someone with more expertise in the area could have a look?

OK, appreciate your time, thank you.