Bank account missing

As you can see, I had a second bank account set up called Seabury Sinking Fund account. I was able to make inter account transfers and can still do so. However, the account is not appearing in the Bank Accounts tab. See the attached screenshots.

I can see that you’re using cloud edition.

Some questions:

  • Did you recently import this business from another edition, or has it been in cloud edition for a while?
  • Can you check the cash accounts tab, to make sure it’s not there?
  • If you open up and enter ‘administrator’ followed by your password, then click on business name, then click on BankAccounts, does it show up there?

i think you have missed a few many updates of Manager. the bank and cash accounts were recently split to their respective tabs. you can read about it in the below topic.

if you had initially created the account and missed to tick a check box which identifies the account as managed by a financial institution, then the chances are that the above mentioned update would have moved your account to Cash Accounts tab.

if the account is actually a cash account, you do not have to do anything more and can continue using as it is. but if it is a bank account maintained by a financial institution, then you can just convert the account. read this guide

This is what I thought at first as well, but they are using Cloud Edition. It gets automatically updated and is always at the latest version, so that change would have come in quite a while ago.

My thought was perhaps that they had been using the business in another version (e.g. an older version on Desktop) and had recently imported it into Cloud Edition.