Bank account is missing after latest update

I set up a business account with details. Latest mac update no longer shows ‘bank accounts’, just cash accounts. Account details are missing. Options are missing. What has happened?

The Bank Account & Cash Account tabs have been amalgamated into one. Click on Cash Accounts tab and you should see all related accounts - this change was done some months back.

Previously I could get from receive money to accounts receivable. I’m not seeing access to that workflow off the bank import anymore.

Could you explain that more fully - bank statement import workflow hasn’t change as far as I know

I can’t see how to go to ‘accounts receivable’ from the bank statement import. Receive money only has the option ‘business’.
previously this was how I got into that option:

Now I seem to need to go out of the bank statement into customers, sales invoices, invoice number then enter the date of the receipt.
Surely there is a more direct route?

After importing the Bank Statement and clicking “VIEW” which will list the imported transactions.

Then click EDIT next to the required transaction and amend the Account line - read recent topic

A cash account, no matter what type, has nothing to do with Accounts receivable. If you want to explore Accounts receivable, you drill down either directly from the Summary or from the individual customer’s Accounts receivable balance under the Customers tab. You might find this Guide helpful:

You need to update your software, which is literally hundreds of updates out of date. Many of the Guides will not make sense, nor will answers you receive on the forum, because your software is obsolete, and people can really only give answers based on current capabilities. I recommend spending a little time reading the Guides to get yourself back up to speed with current capabilities and procedures for using the software.

um - I updated the software last week and again this week???

Maybe so, but your screenshot shows the Bank Accounts tab, which was made redundant months ago.

Where did you download your update? You should do so only from Many 3rd party distribution sites have been reported to have outdated or corrupted software. Manager advances at a very rapid pace, sometimes with several updates per day. The combination of bank and cash accounts occurred on June 8th of this year:

From your site.

Ok the customisation (customers, suppliers) was already set up, and was working fine.
I understand that accounts receivable is an account grouping, not an account I have set up. Previously it lead to a list of open invoices.
I have tried your edit workflow. I understand there can be a need to split an amount received, which could be more complex.
However ‘edit’ only allows me to alter account identity for the payment - still does not get me into a workflow in which I can access a list of invoices (under accounts receivable) to apply the credit to, as previously.
Perhaps I am being spectacularly obtuse, but this seems much more complicated than previously, and I still do not have a reliable way to credit a payment to an open invoice. Going via customers ended up with a double entry, so clearly that was wrong.

Bank Deposits, Accounts Receivable and Sales Invoices - Manager Forum.pdf (94.5 KB)
This is perfect for my situation. I just can’t see how to access it now.

So I have experimented further, and if I go into either sales invoices (and access accounts receivable from there) or customers (ultimately ditto) I can achieve the result - but that is SO convoluted and ultimately unreliable. I’m sure to stuff it up. I really just need easy access to invoices to credit from the bank transactions list.

EDIT allows you to select “Accounts Receivable”, that then creates a new field which allows you to select a “Customer”, that then creates a new field which allows you to select an open “Invoice” from a drop down list.

This is done from the imported bank statement transaction “EDIT”. No need to go to Sales Invoices or Customers as any entry there would only duplicate the imported bank statement transaction as you noted. The link you provided dated 2015 regarding using Customer Credits is now a redundant process

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Alternatively, if you want a process similar to the previous Customer Credits then you can by not nominating any Invoices, just select the Account (Accounts Receivable) and the Customer and then Manager will automatically apply the payment to the oldest outstanding invoice first, then the next oldest etc. until the payment is fully allocated.

Thank you Bruccana. Your help is very much appreciated.