Account "Fees from work in progress" has disappeared

I am using in Dutch. Suddenly the account “Betalingen voor onderhanden werk” (Fees from work in progress) is removed after upgrading to latest version of Manager.

I don’t know why, but this literally made all the earned income disappear in all my administrations. Invoices and invoice lines for all invoices are there but they are not attached to any income account!

This is very bad timing for me to have such an issue… :confused:

What gives? Do I have to recreate the account and go through all administrations and all invoices to fix this???

I have created a new administration and turned the Billable Time module on.
This should result in 3 new accounts BIllable Time - invoiced, Billable Time - movement and the Billable time asset account. (Their Dutch equivalents) But these are not created,

I then switched language to US English and repeated the steps above for another new administration, to see if this is a localisation issue. Same result, no new accounts.

The income wouldn’t disappear. That would violate double-entry accounting principle. I’m sure your books still balance.

So first of all, where is this income posted then? Check your Suspense account. Is the income in there?

As for those 3 accounts you are talking about, they are really meant to be used in conjunction with billable time module. It doesn’t look like you were using billable time module at all (if you are activating it just now). Those three accounts will appear if you enter at least one billable time entry (enabling the tab is not enough anymore - to avoid folks using those accounts).


Thanks for your reply. I have been using billable time for the past three years.

Please do not confuse my test on a clean administration with my actual production environment.

No, the invoice lines do not appear under another ledger account. So the books do not balance anymore.

So there is quite an issue here at hand for me. Especially since I have to carry over the whole administration to my tax advisor this Tuesday.

Rgrds, Arjen

First of all, how can you say the books don’t balance. When you go to balance sheet, assets - liabilities must equal equity. Is this condition met on your balance sheet?

Hi Arjen,
I have had the same problem. The invoiced billable time has not disapeared but you have to modify the invoices. (tenminste… volgens mij heb ik het zo opgelost).


Hi Lubos,

I could say that because I had not yet found them under Suspense account (was travelling). So yes, they are there on the balance sheet. Clearly marked with “Sales Invoice” as a Credit and “Billable time adjustment” for Debit. (The latter because I am using the Billable Time functionality. )

Rgrds, Arjen

Hi Aart,

Yes that is a work around, to manually go through three years of invoices for all administratons and book them on for example the Sales income account. I’d rather not :wink: But if push comes to shove (ie deadline)…

Rgrds Arjen

I was under impression that you weren’t using Billable Time tab. You can send me your accounting file to and I can have a look what’s the problem. I’m confused now.

The accounts will not appear until you make a billable time entry. This explains why your tests with new businesses did not seem to produce results.

As for billable time entries moving to Suspense in your real business, did they all designate a customer? Depending on how old your version was before updating, you may have been able to enter billable time without designating a customer. Previously, billable time was invoiced from the Billable Time tab. After the change, billable time has to be invoiced from the Customers tab. This change to the data structure might have moved entries without a customer into Suspense. That change occurred quite a few months ago. This could explain your problem.

Hi, I think you are on to something.

These entries were made by seperate hour registration were a month total was written in the invoice line. So I created an invoice, had access to the old Billable time ledger account, which I used and created the invoice. Customer does exist, but not no entries in BIllable Time module.

This was allowed then.

So if the upgrade changed this it shoul not allow an account to be removed if there are entries for it. Either migrate to a new renamed copy or leave it as is.

Rgds, Arjen

So it turns out you were using Manager in a way the developer did not envision. As the Billable Time module was improved and streamlined, your approach fell outside the design envelope. Unlike other software, though, Manager did not remove your improper entries. It did exactly as you suggest: it migrated them them to another account–Suspense.

Manager never allows an account to be removed if there are transactions in it. Your problem was that your transactions were no longer in the Fees from work in progress account because you had misused the account. When control accounts of this type are empty, they disappear from the Summary. When needed in response to as-designed usage, they appear.

Hi @lubos and @Tut. Thank you for your responses.
I moved everything to the sales account.

Rgrds, Arjen