Manager will not launch

I just installed 20.9.79 and Manager will not launch. Please advise. Thank you.

You need to furnish more information. Desktop or server edition? What operating system? Any error messages? (If so, show a screen shot of the message.) Exactly what did you do; in other words, how far did you get?

Apologies. I am using desktop edition with Windows 10 Pro version 2004 OS build 19041.508. I get no error messages…I click on the desktop icon and nothing further happens. There is no message, so I have no screen shot to offer. Thanks for your help.

Is that a 64-bit Windows or a 32-bit Windows?

It is a 64-bit Windows operating system.

Did you follow this Guide when installing:

Yes, I downloaded the 20.0.79 version and followed the directions.

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try running it from the command line, see if it outputs an error there

It looks like it has been installed correctly (it has been running fine for years). In case something is wrong, do you recommend completely uninstalling Manager and then re-installing Manager?

I did a “repair” that was offered by the 20.9.79 installation file, re-booted the PC, then attempted to open manager via “run as administrator”, and it now opens up. Any words of caution for me going forward from you? Thank you.

My only advice is to make regular, stand-alone backups.

The fact that you have to run as administrator for Manager to work sounds like you installed Manager to either the program files folder, windows folder or other folders that require admin rights to change files within that folder when you are running the program.

Backup your data, remove Manager in add/remove, then delete the Manager folder (find that first before you uninstall Manager). Lastly delete any references to Manager in the registry by deleting the keys, not just the values… Look for NgSoftware in the registry.

Reboot the pc and re-install manager and make sure that you install it to a non admin location. I usually create a folder called c:\manager and install it there as I have never liked Manager running from the users appdata folder. Although in this case, it sounds like Manager is running from the programdata or program files or windows folder if it is requiring admin permissions to run.

If all you surmise is true, then why would Manager work fine until just after installing 20.9.79? I have always checked and updated daily and never had this issue before. It is working now however.

I verified that Manager is installed in user/Appdata/Roaming which I believe is correct? Also, my method of installing updates complies with the Manager prescribed method.

What version did you upgrade from? Was it using the .Net 4.6.1 framework?

Based on the fact there’s some install location issue and/or administrator privilege requirements, and the lack of appropriate permissions/ability to write to a pseudo-windows location in the other thread, I’m going to take a stab at the fact it’s a dot Net 5 issue and some underlying change in permissions between 4.6.1 and 5.0.

I think the problem may be to do with Manager because a similar issue is occurring on Macbooks - Problem opening v20.9.79 on new Mac computers again also from version 20.9.79.

It probably has something to do with either moving to 32/64 bit installers or moving to .net core away from .net framework. I think the Windows problem and Mac problem is related.

@lubos could you investigate

I have just downloaded the V20.9.82 64-bit and while it installed without any problem, it will not launch


OK, I just downloaded and installed V20.9.83 and that has worked

I guess there was a bug in V20.9.82

Just installed 20.9.84 desktop on ‘Windows 10 2004 Home’ and it seemed to install fine but would not open!
Restart computer etc. and still nothing.
Right click on Manager-x64.msi file and then click repair.
Wait for repair to finish.
Click on desktop icon and it works.