Manager will not launch

@lubos I just updated Desktop Manager on my test machine and came across the same problem. I installed Manager but it would not open! As VacuumDog has suggested, right clicking Manager install and clicking repair seems to fix the problem.

Could you investigate as there is clearly a problem with the new installers - I suspect the move to .core net install may be the cause. It is too much of a co-incidence when so many people are reporting the same issue.

I am running Windows 10 64 bit

This is one of the error messages:

Error runtime

Description: A .NET Core application failed.
Application: ManagerDesktop.exe
Path: C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Manager\ManagerDesktop.exe
Message: Error:
An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (ManagerDesktop.deps.json) was not found:
package: ‘’, version: ‘3.1.8’
path: ‘System.Resources.Extensions.dll’

I just downloaded V20.9.84 and it is working perfectly.
I am running Win 10 Pro


Thinking about it, I actually installed Manager a few days ago - after the move to .net core and that install went fine. Although it took a bit longer to load for the very first time as I presume it was initialising things?

So not sure why this time it failed. But it is is obviously not my machine or me as others report the same issue.

Exactly the same thing just happened to me with 20.9.87. I’m glad I saw your fix.

This hasn’t happened for me with any previous installations, including 20.9.71 (the last one on this computer) or 20.9.87 (I think) on another computer. I’m also using Windows 10 Home version 2004.

When you run repair, usually what the msi installer does is effectively run the install again without removing anything and checking for anything that is missing.

I am wondering if the problem is that the installer is doing a, b and then c and for some reason c is not working, because b has not been installed properly. So running the repair installs b and then everything works? I suspect that after you have upgraded to a version of Manager running .net core, the next subsequent install breaks for some reason? This would seem to be the pattern as the version numbers of the people affected are all different. Strange problem. Will have to see what the next install does for me.