Does not open Manager in win 10

I have installed Manager on my Laptop which runs by Windows 10. After installation of Manager it has created shortcut icon on desktop as well as at task bar. When I click on the icons to open Manage it does not work. Only the cursor shows some busy moment but not open even does not provide any message or text.
plz advise what to do

Begin by searching this forum, using your title from this post. The problem has been discussed several times. Solutions that have worked for others may fix your problem.

Search your laptop for software related to Lavasoft,
If found - delete it - it is outdated software not suitable for win 10.

@tut and @lubos I wonder if it would be worthwhile to create a new category section or something for common issues.

I have lost track of how many times people have reported issues with Windows 10 and Manager or Lavasoft Adware and Manager.

Perhaps changing the forum so that when people ask re windows 10 or manager not starting up instead of displaying previous topics on the rhs, rather it takes them to a new page and says - these topics may fix your problem - view them first or create new topic?

Most people don’t read the RHS stuff, so we just need to find a way to direct people to solutions to commonly asked issues such as win 10 manager issues and lavasoft as these two come up regularly on a monthly basis.

There is a new category of Guides: Troubleshooting. @lubos has started populating it.

Linux, Mac , 32 bit and other obscure systems

That is what the RHS panel is suppose to do, but obviously, pointing out those threads can’t coerce them to read them

What I need to do is to install Lavasoft software on my computer so I can actually reproduce this issue. Then implement some error handling so Manager can detect this issue rather than not launching at all.

On the other side, I was hoping this issue will eventually go away on its own. It’s not a problem with Manager, it’s problem with some software that is not compatible with Windows 10. From my research, there are a lot of programs which will fail in similar fashion like Manager including Microsoft products such as MS SQL Server etc.

Anyway, I’m going to categorize this as a bug since Manager should at least be able to detect this issue.

Thats not a bad idea. Write some code that pops up - alert you have Lavasoft installed, please remove in order to use Manager. Regardless of why Lavasoft is interfering with manager, it should be removed anyway as Lavasoft just causes more problems than it solves. in non computer terms, its snake oil

I was able to reproduce this issue by installing “Web Companion” from Lavasoft.

Microsoft has an article on this issue. They don’t specifically blame Lavasoft (they use term “Some applications”) but we all know who they are talking about.

The latest version (17.4.58) will show an error rather than quietly failing. Windows 10 has been out for quite some time, I’m not really sure why Lavasoft doesn’t fix their software so it’s compatible with Windows 10.

I speak under correction, but it was my understanding that this problem with Lavasoft is not exclusive to windows 10.