Program will not start

The program will not start. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it with no result. I’m using Windows 8.1. I have read previous posts re this issue, but there was nothing there that helped.

So do you get any error message or is there any clue?

No error message.

Then try to go into Manager installation folder, double-click on ManagerServer.exe file and see what it says.

I did that. It came up with a window of text and then said Manager Server had closed.

Copy and paste the text from that window here. Maybe it will give some clue why Manager doesn’t work on your computer.

There is already topic regarding this issue, see: Manager is not working in the new version of Microsoft Windows 10

In nutshell, you have on your computer installed some incompatible software which is preventing Manager from starting.

Usual suspects are outdated antivirus programs, “internet accelerators” etc.

Thank you for your help. I will look at the site and see what is on my computer that could be affecting Manager.

Yesterday when I left office, all was good.

This morning I upgraded to Manager 16.10.53 and can’t start. No errors, no dialogs, nothing.

I’m on Windows 10, no antivirus programs or “internet accelerators”.

Starting Managerserver.exe gives me this

Any ideas?

Server edition starts normally. It doesn’t indicate any problem.

Try to uninstall and install again. Maybe try restarting your computer too.

What I did: uninstall, reboot, install latest version. Appears, for 2-3 seconds, windows blue circle and then nothing. All other applications works fine.

Maybe I’ll wait for the next version…

Actually check the latest version (16.10.55), should be fixed.

Yep! Running again.


Same problem with latest version

The screenshot doesn’t indicate any problem. Server edition starts normally.

But Manager Application is not running on the computer