Manager In English Settings looks Blurry - The Interface Text & # Not Clear

Search the forum. There has been extensive discussion on this and solutions offered.

Hi Nahla,
You are the first one to give me a solution to this problem which worked, yet as you say the problem comes back once you refresh or enter a different page of Manager, I tried to dig deeper to find a permanent solution but no luck yet, if you reached one please let us know.


@Nahla_Petro, you have exactly the opposite problem of what this thread is about, not the same issue. @magedauf reported clear text in Arabic and blurry text in English. You report clear text in English and blurry text in Arabic.

I am reporting clear text in Arabic and blurry text in English. Apologies if my wording was not clear.

@Nahla_Petro @Tut
Tut, we have the same problem exactly, clear Arabic, blurry English.
I am sure that it is a problem generated from Manager reading the font required by Manager, since when we uncheck it in the inspect window everything becomes perfect, the idea now is to find a way make the uncheck permanent.

I believe that is dependent on your operating system or browser, not Manager.

@Nahla_Petro @Tut
I believe I found the problem, the idea here is that Manager read the font name as “Helvetica Neue” while this font is installed on windows system “HelveticaNeue” with no space between the 2 words, thats why it cant display properly as it cant read it. I tried to change the font name installed on the system with a font editor but it seems that a font name cannot have a space in between. so anybody has any idea how to change the font name to match the programing script of Manager.

I can’t blame this on Manager since it’s a font substitution issue and Manager uses the correct font family names.

What I would personally do – as a windows user – is delete Helvetica entirely from my system (which is mainly an Apple font) and the font should fall back to Arial.

That should spare the user the trouble of fixing these petty issues.

@Nahla_Petro @Tut
I found the solution and it is working perfectly, as I mentioned in a previous comment that the problem is in the font name that Manager reads out of your windows system which does not match what Manager needs, follow the below steps and it will hopefully solve the problem.

  1. Go to your windows/font file and copy Arial bold font file to your desktop

  2. Download the below font editor and watch the youtube tutorial on how to change a system font name

  1. Make sure to rename the font in font forge as the below photo exactly and leave everything else the same.

  2. After generating the new font file which will be named as the below photo make sure that Manager is closed and install the new font file.

  1. Open Manager again and you will find the interface font change into the Arial Bold as below :)…
    ** With this method you can change the interface to any font you prefer. Enjoy


Thank you Maged! It is working perfectly well!!

Can you use the problem font in word or any other program to determine if the problem is with the font or Manager for some reason not being able to access the font? it sounds to me like either a permissions or symlink issue with Manager and computers setup with Arabic system locales?

Hence, I would be interested to see whether you experience the same problem with the problem font in any other program other than Manager? Using English Locale (UK) on my pc, I have never experienced any issues with fonts on Manager. I am not sure why Arabic system locale should affect anything, but obviously it does.

good morning. i tried this but it didn’t work for me. my manager was showing perfectly fine but it later start showing english words without fill

plus am i going to delete all helvetica font file before using your step below?

You already got a response from @Lubos at Letters not showing clearly - #16 by Dahel123 So why discussing this here?

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As @eko already pointed out, coss posting distracts other users, which makes it unlikely for you to get a useful response.

If it worked , I wouldn’t have ask again .
I had to find another forum with this topic to see if there’s another solution to it .

No solution yet, that’s why am asking again

Thanks .
This work for me now

Your question is completely fine but posting the same issue in multiple topics is not.

Anyway, I’m glad you found a solution.

Thanks .
It was just to get a clarification since it’s related to what I was facing .