Display is not readable

Hi I have installed manager software on my new computer and retrieved data from previous computer but screen display is not readable, please help me to sort out this issue so we can use it further

This is screen snapshot, please have a look and let me know how we can change font of fix this issue


Rather than creating a new post the forum rules state that you must search the forum first. This has been discussed extensively and solutions provided.

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  • what operating system do you run on your new computer

  • what version of Manager do you have on your new computer (server / desktop, 32 / 64 bit). Please confirm you downloaded it from Download | Manager

  • What browsers have you tried to view Manager web pages?

Dear Patch,
Using Windows 10 pro 22H2 version
I have Manager Desktop version on my computer
I have both web browsers, mostly use google chrome but now open with Microsoft Edge 64bit vresion (113.0.1774.57) Offical Build

Also Manager software is 64bit

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